10 Restaurant Names with a Cool Play on Words

Are you thinking of opening a new restaurant or café and are having a hard time trying to find a good name for it?

As you already know, some places have really terrible names that are uninviting, and don’t even make you want to go in to try out the food. Try not to make the same mistake, as a great name can help your business in plenty of ways.

While we can’t offer you suggestions to suit your specific concept, we’ve gathered a collection of cool names of restaurants to give you lots of inspiration.

There are various naming styles used, so you can take your pick and customize it to fit your restaurant’s identity:

  1. Central Pork – This is a really cool name, especially if it specializes in delicious pork dishes and is based in New York. No prizes for guessing that this is a play on the famous ‘Central Park’. With just a change in one single alphabet, a beautiful name can be created.
  2. Simply Gorge Us – A clever and meaningful name that sounds the same as the phrase ‘simply gorgeous’. Just by dropping the ‘o’, it’s been transformed into a common phrase meaning to ‘fill oneself with food’. Nice.
  3. Double Felix – Even if you don’t know it’s a play on ‘double helix’, this is a unique name makes a cool brand. If the owner or chef is called Felix, this is a good name, especially if there is some element of the restaurant that authenticates the ‘double’ in its name.
  4. Janga Java – This is a nice sounding name that’s uniquely appealing. Both words start with a ‘j’ and end with an ‘a’ to produce a brand with a phonetic bounce.
  5. Poultry in Motion – Chicken doesn’t always mix with poetry very well, but this name modifies the phrase ‘poetry in motion’ perfectly. Hopefully their chicken dishes taste just as good.
  6. Rib Rage – Simply perfect! From ribs being all the rage to a play on ‘rib cage’, this name has all the makings of a cool, meaningful and easily remembered name that should resonate with anyone who comes across it.
  7. Jelly Roll Deli – If Jelly Rolls are your specialty, why not just name your deli after it? Of course, if what you’re focusing on is overly common, this naming style may not work as well. ‘Sandwich Deli’ is kind of boring.
  8. Club Soba – Anyone who is into Japanese food and soba noodles is going to appreciate this name. Even if you don’t click that it’s a play on ‘club soda’ this is a great name that holds its own.
  9. Slam Banjo – This doesn’t rhyme, and the first letter of each word doesn’t start with the same letter, but it’s a short and sweet name that’s quite catchy.
  10. Above Bored – It sounds the same as the phrase ‘above board’, but it’s not instantly obvious whether the brand is focused on openness or ensuring that customers are always entertained when they’re there.

Hopefully, you’re now full of ideas to create an awesome name for your new venture. If you have any questions or want more suggestions, post the details of what you have mind below.

3 thoughts on “10 Restaurant Names with a Cool Play on Words

  1. Collin

    When I was looking at this list, I thought of another name. Road Grill

    1. Mike & Sam Post author

      Yes, great one Colin.

      Here are a few more:

      Wok & Roll
      Fash & Chips

  2. Zack

    a few for the collection ..,

    Thai Rack
    Touchy Chilli
    Lettuce Eat
    Goey Scene
    Lime’s Up
    So Food

    some are better than others though


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