A Selection of 18 Awesome Restaurant Names to Inspire You

Good restaurant names don’t need to be witty or overly clever. They just need to be memorable and complement the food that’s being served.

A lot of aspiring restauranteurs feel that they need to come up with a name that’s perfect in order to do their new business justice. But the truth is, there is no perfect name.

Just take a look at the names of these London restaurants. There’s a varied mix of different naming techniques that have been used to create them, and as you can see, most of them work really well.

  1. Club Gascon
  2. Bangkok Boulevard
  3. The Bobbin
  4. The Butcher & Grill
  5. Cafe Des Amis
  6. China Tang
  7. Chutney Mary
  8. The Jam Cupboard
  9. Massala Hut
  10. Plum + Spilt Milk
  11. Supperclub
  12. Taberna Etrusca
  13. Wild Honey
  14. Artigiano
  15. High Timber
  16. La Sophia
  17. Barbecoa
  18. The Henry Root

If you’re lost for ideas, just sit back and delve deep into the brand you intend to create. Don’t resort to copying ideas from other restaurants.

Identify what’s unique about your place, your food, your location, your team and yourself.

7 thoughts on “A Selection of 18 Awesome Restaurant Names to Inspire You

  1. brooke

    Plum + Spilt Milk seems like a really strange name

  2. Shilpa

    I would like few suggestions on cafe names…its an indian concept cafe serving hot drinks,sandwiches and meals.

    1. Mike & Sam Post author

      Shilpa – You have to share more info to get name ideas that are relevant. If it’s a concept cafe, what’s the concept? What are some names you like of existing cafes or restaurants you’ve come across? What are some names you’ve come up with yourself and are considering?

  3. Always hungry

    Cafe des Amis is an awesome name. Warm and just hits the spot in many ways


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