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43 Uniquely Creative Names of the Best Pizza Restaurants and Pizzerias

With thousands of pizzerias around, it really helps to have a unique name that strikes a chord with your targeted customers when you start a new pizza restaurant or takeaway.

If you’re looking for a bit of inspiration for your pizzeria’s name, feast your eyes over these 43 names of the top places to get a pizza:

  • California Pizza
  • Zeppe’s Pizzeria
  • BC Pizza
  • Blackjack Pizza
  • Marco’s Pizza
  • Jerry’s Subs & Pizza
  • Cassano’s Pizza King
  • Giordano’s Restaurant & Pizzeria
  • Fox’s Pizza
  • Mary’s Pizza Shack
  • Straw Hat Pizza
  • Davanni’s Pizza
  • Buck’s Pizza
  • Johnny’s Pizza
  • Papa Gino’s Pizzeria
  • Buscemi’s Pizza
  • La Pizza
  • “We Toss’em, They’re Awesome” Pizza
  • Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria
  • Abby’s Legendary Pizza
  • Oggi’s Pizza & Brewing Co.
  • Minsky’s Pizza
  • Buddy’s Pizza
  • Pizza My Heart
  • Round Table Pizza
  • Donatos Pizza
  • CiCi’s Pizza
  • Hideaway Pizza
  • Breadeaux Pizza
  • Famous Famiglia
  • Nancy’s Pizza
  • Dion’s Pizza
  • Toppers Pizza
  • Ledo Pizza
  • America’s Incredible Pizza
  • Rocky Rococo
  • Domino’s Pizza
  • Abo’s Pizza
  • Carbone’s Pizza
  • Belleria Pizzeria
  • Godfather’s Pizza
  • Shakey’s Pizza
  • Garlic Jim’s Famous Gourmet Pizza

While it’s important to have an outstanding recipe and fresh high quality ingredients, the success of a pizza shop is often linked to the strength of the brand too.

So, before choosing a name, make sure you’ve given it sufficient thought as it will be one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make.

As you can see, there are a number of naming strategies that can be used to create a cool name:

  1. If you don’t want to use the word ‘pizza’ or ‘pizzeria’ in the name, you may want to consider using alliteration to make your name more catchy like ‘Famous Familglia’ or ‘Rocky Rococo’.
  2. Going to have a wider menu and want to keep it simple, then just use your name like ‘Giordano’s Restaurant & Pizzeria’.
  3. Only specializing in pizza and want to use your personal name, then follow ‘Mary’s Pizza Shack’ or cut it down to just ‘Dion’s Pizza’.
  4. Looking for something a bit different? How about modifying ‘Pizza My Heart’ or ‘Hideaway Pizza’ to suit whatever you have in mind.
  5. Wanna just get to the point and stake a claim? Check out how ‘America’s Incredible Pizza’ or ‘Garlic Jim’s Famous Gourmet Pizza’ does it.
  6. Ready to take naming quirkiness to the max? Blow your customers away with a name like ‘“We Toss’em, They’re Awesome” Pizza’.

If you’ve come up with an awesome name and want some feedback, post it in the comments below. Or if you’ve come across some other great names of pizzerias, please share them below as well.

What are the Names of the Top 10 Italian Restaurants in the World?

If these interesting and authentically named Italian restaurants have got you hungry for more, this may be the list of all lists to satisfy your appetite.

If you’re wondering what the 10 best Italian restaurants from all over the world are called, then wonder no more.

Here they are listed in alphabetical order, as we’re concerned with the quality of their names and not their individual rankings from a culinary perspective.

  • Angels
  • Antico Forno
  • Bottega
  • Buon Ricordo
  • Del Posto
  • La Ciccia
  • Osteria Francescana
  • Osteria Mozza
  • Spiaggia
  • Stratta

Great examples of meaningful and memorable names. Nothing too cheesy.

Source: FoodDigital

List of 17 Italian Restaurant Names that are Named in Italian

Is it better for an Italian restaurant to have an Italian name? This is probably what you’re trying to figure out as you ponder about what to call your new place.

Of course it all depends on what kind of restaurant you intend to open and what type of customers you’ll be targeting. There are places with Italian names that fail, and others with very un-Italian names that succeed, so there’s no golden rule on whether your choice of name will help you do well.

As you can see from this list of cool Italian restaurant names, there’s a mix between English and Italian words that can be used to create really effective brands.

If you’re thinking of going authentically Italian, here are 17 Italian restaurants that are named in Italian to give you ideas on what’s possible:

  1. Cannonau
  2. Lunetta
  3. Osteria Il Paiolo
  4. Incognito Bistro
  5. La Lanterna di Vittorio
  6. Zero Otto Nove
  7. Otto Enoteca Pizzeria
  8. Nuovo Fiore
  9. Al Di La Trattoria
  10. In Vino
  11. Pane E Vino
  12. Il Posto Accanto
  13. Il Bagatto
  14. Rucola
  15. Cacio E Vino
  16. Catania
  17. Bruschetteria

Obviously, it’ll be easier to name your place if you speak or understand Italian. But if you don’t, you can still get a friend to offer suggestions (as long as they understand Italian), seek opinions online, or get inspired by an existing name.

28 Interesting Names of Italian Restaurants to Inspire Yours

With so many Italian restaurants around, it is important to choose a good name in order to make an impact on your target market if you’re about to start one.

Unless you’re a naming guru with experience in branding, you probably haven’t got a clue about what it takes to come up with a memorable name that’s oozing with creativity. Sure, you know a cool name when you hear it, but trying to think of one is a lot more challenging.

To infuse meaning (and hence relevance) into the name, it should be constructed around your upcoming restaurant’s main selling points or any elements that are unique to it. You should be able to use the name as a starting point to share the story behind the business.

In terms of naming styles, there are plenty of options you can use, and the best way to get a better idea of what’s possible is to take a look at a list of names.

As you can see from the following 28 names of Italian restaurants, it’s possible to create an awesome name using a variety of methods:

  1. Verde on Smith – Combine an Italian word with the location
  2. Frankies 17 – Numbers make a name unique
  3. BINO Brooklyn – You can’t go wrong with 2 words starting with the same letter
  4. Bocca – Single word brand names are classy
  5. Crispo – Try to find a cool Italian word that sounds good
  6. Gaia Italian Café – Sometimes it helps to clarify what you are
  7. La Giara – Truly one of a kind as a restaurant name
  8. L’Artusi – Sophisticated names work well for upmarket places
  9. Enzo’s Brickoven – An example of a memorable and meaningful name
  10. Pete’s Downtown – Pete may or may not be Italian but better if he is
  11. Via Della Pace – If using Italian, try to make it easy on non-speakers
  12. Sauce – Brilliantly simple and elegant
  13. Circo – Short names are easier to remember
  14. Bocca Lupo – Names that bounce off the tongue are fun to pronounce
  15. Fragole Ristorante – Ristorante’ automatically makes it Italian
  16. La Piazzetta – A cleverly made up name that’s awesome
  17. Paprika – There are lots of advantages of keeping it simple
  18. Cucina Di Pesce – Try not to make the name too much of a mouthfull
  19. Mozzarelli’s – Adapt a popular word to create a memorable brand
  20. Luigi’s Pizzeria – If you’ve got a uniquely Italian name, use it
  21. Scopello – Easier to spell and pronounce names work best
  22. Falai Panetteria – Probably a bit too tricky to remember unless you’re Italian
  23. Aroma Kitchen & Winebar – Sounds like it could be any type of restaurant
  24. Red Gravy – Instantly gets your attention and makes you remember it
  25. Locanda Verde – Not amazingly exceptional, but not bad either
  26. Lavagna Restaurant – The name doesn’t always need to be wittily clever
  27. Piada – Although it means thin Italian flatbread, you can use it as a brand name
  28. Mario’s Trattoria – Use ‘Trattoria’ for an eatery that’s not as formal as a ristorante

Nice mix of different naming techniques right? Now, emulate one of them, or create your own blend of words to come up with a really cool name for your dream place.

A Selection of 18 Awesome Restaurant Names to Inspire You

Good restaurant names don’t need to be witty or overly clever. They just need to be memorable and complement the food that’s being served.

A lot of aspiring restauranteurs feel that they need to come up with a name that’s perfect in order to do their new business justice. But the truth is, there is no perfect name.

Just take a look at the names of these London restaurants. There’s a varied mix of different naming techniques that have been used to create them, and as you can see, most of them work really well.

  1. Club Gascon
  2. Bangkok Boulevard
  3. The Bobbin
  4. The Butcher & Grill
  5. Cafe Des Amis
  6. China Tang
  7. Chutney Mary
  8. The Jam Cupboard
  9. Massala Hut
  10. Plum + Spilt Milk
  11. Supperclub
  12. Taberna Etrusca
  13. Wild Honey
  14. Artigiano
  15. High Timber
  16. La Sophia
  17. Barbecoa
  18. The Henry Root

If you’re lost for ideas, just sit back and delve deep into the brand you intend to create. Don’t resort to copying ideas from other restaurants.

Identify what’s unique about your place, your food, your location, your team and yourself.

Names of the Top 50 London Restaurants

Ever wondered what some of the top eateries in London are called? Well, wonder no more, as here’s a selection of the Top 50 London restaurants according to TimeOut.

If you were thinking of getting some naming inspiration from them, you may be a little disappointed.

Most of the names are nothing much to shout about. Some may be too sophisticated, while others are quite ordinary.

But while they may not be particularly quirky or catchy, most of them are classy in their own way though. Perhaps it just goes to show that if your food is top notch, you don’t need a novel sounding name to make an impression.

  1. 10 Greek Street
  2. Amaya
  3. L’Autre Pied
  4. Bar Boulud
  5. Barshu
  6. Berners Tavern
  7. Bistro Union
  8. Bistrot Bruno Loubet
  9. Bocca di Lupo
  10. Bull & Last
  11. Cah Chi
  12. Ceviche
  13. Dabbous
  14. The Delaunay
  15. Dinings
  16. Fino
  17. Grain Store
  18. Hakkasan
  19. Harwood Arms
  20. Hawksmoor Seven Dials
  21. Hereford Road
  22. Hoi Polloi
  23. Honey & Co
  24. Hummus Bros
  25. Hutong
  26. Koba
  27. Koya
  28. The Ledbury
  29. Little Social
  30. Malt House
  31. Mangal Ocakbasi
  32. Medlar
  33. The Modern Pantry
  34. Momo
  35. Moro
  36. Moti Mahal
  37. Ottolenghi
  38. Polpo Soho
  39. Rasa
  40. Rochelle Canteen
  41. Roka
  42. Royal China
  43. Salt Yard
  44. Song Que
  45. St John
  46. Terroirs
  47. Viajante
  48. The Wolseley
  49. Yalla Yalla
  50. Yashin Sushi
  51. Zucca

Please don’t ask why there are 51 listings in a List of Top 50 restaurants.

13 Examples of Creative Restaurant Names

A unique, meaningful and memorable name will help any restaurant to make an impression on regular and prospective customers.

You can use a range of different strategies to come up with a name that’s striking and easy to remember. It can be funny, quirky, or simply very creative.

To help you along in developing ideas for your new place, here are 13 interesting names that you should be able to get inspiration from:

  1. Zenlighten – The blending of ‘zen’ and ‘enlighten’ is truly an enlightened one. These two words fit together snugly to make a unique brand name that’s memorable and easy to pronounce.
  2. Banana Cabana – Rhyming words always make fantastic names if their meanings fit together nicely. In this case, it should do, if the premises are designed to resemble a cabana in some way.
  3. Affluential – A blend of ‘affluent’ and ‘influential’ that produces a uniquely made up word and brand name. It’s a great name to target the luxury market, but it’d be good if it focused more on the food.
  4. Beef Blackout – Restaurant names that focus on the food are effective most of the time, especially if the food is good. Just pick the words carefully and use basic cheats like words with the same first letters and you’ll be on your way.
  5. Wasabi Junction – The word ‘wasabi’ is a great way to let people know you serve Japanese food, if you’re cool and want to be different from all the other places that use common Japanese related words in their restaurant names.
  6. Bagel Bandit – With so many bagel stores around, it’s key to have a name to help you stand out in a distinct way. This name certainly does. It’s playful, fun, memorable and easy to pronounce.
  7. Royal Lush – A modification of the poker term ‘royal flush’, this is another one of those awesome names that could be used for any high-end brand. It doesn’t let you know it’s a restaurant, but it conveys a upscale image of the underlying business.
  8. Parabolic Chicken – This is a weird name and that’s probably why it gets attention. It’s hard to imagine chicken telling parables or having anything to do with parabolic equations, and that makes this one of the quirkiest restaurant names of all time.
  9. Papa Jambalaya – Some names just work, while others don’t. This one does. Maybe it’s the repetitive syllables ending in ‘a’ that make this a joy to pronounce. Or perhaps both words just project a nice home-cooked image when combined.
  10. Yangtze Doodle – A catchy and witty adaptation of ‘yankee doodle’ to transform an anglo-american song into a Chinese restaurant’s name (Yangtze is the longest river in China).
  11. Jezebel’s Joint – A chef or owner’s name always makes a name unique and gives any place an instant identity. And a more unique word normally works better, such as ‘Joint’ vs ‘Café’, especially since it starts with the same letter as Jezebel.
  12. Clam Chop – Quirky names that get you to stop and think are normally winners as they’ve already managed to get your attention. ‘Clam’ rhymes perfectly with ‘lamb’, which classically pairs up with ‘chop’, but clams don’t come in chops. Is it lamb, clams or both that they serve?
  13. Big Juicy – Steaks? These are two positive words that are commonly used to describe many things, but food is often at the top of the list, particularly steaks. The name may be a little bland for some, but others will love it.

To review more examples of restaurant names, take a look at these clever but not very cool names, or learn how to use innovative word play to create a name.

Examples of 10 Clever But Not Very Good Restaurant Names

While you’re listing down potential names for your new restaurant, deli or café, you’re bound to have a number of options that you like, but feel that there’s just something not quite right with them.

Sometimes, one of the best ways to figure out how to choose a good name is to understand what not to do, and the things to avoid.

In the quest to be funny, a lot of people sacrifice meaning and sheer common sense in the punning names they try to create. One of the biggest mistakes is to use words that are inappropriate and project the wrong image about the business.

There’s a lot to be learned from the following 10 names, which good examples of creatively created names, but they just don’t quite work for one reason of another. Some of them have negative words, others try to be a bit too clever, and the others just have a quirkiness that doesn’t translate well into a restaurant’s name.

As you take note of the weaknesses in the names, do also look out for their positive aspects, as there are good points you can adapt to come up with your ideal name.

  1. Dear Meat – There’s multiple ways to interpret this name. This most obvious is ‘deer’ meat, which is probably what the restaurant is known for. But the ‘dear’ could also be a play on the ‘dearest meat’ or ‘my dear meat’ type of dear, in which case it won’t be limited to deer meat. However, ‘dear’ could also mean ‘expensive’, so this ends up being a bit confusing and possibly negative.
  2. Highway Ribbery – Although this may be misinterpreted in the wrong way that the restaurant is a bit of a rip off, most people will probably appreciate the adaptation of the phrase ‘highway robbery’ into a great name for a rib shack.
  3. Melting Spot – A twist on the term ‘melting pot’ that could be positively regarded as a place where all sorts of food and people congregate, or it could be perceived as a hot and sweaty restaurant by people who read it the wrong way.
  4. Nylon Prawn – This is definitely super quirky. Nylon is the last thing you’d associate with prawns, and even if its not the two most fitting things in the world, the name will get people’s attention and make them want to find out more.
  5. Aftertizer – Clearly, this is some sort of play on the word ‘appetizer’, but it is a good example of a naming creation that doesn’t quite work. Don’t get too creative and fit a square peg into a hole. It needs to flow phonetically and meaningfully.
  6. Prawnosis – While the word play is quite clever by combining ‘prawn’ with ‘prognosis’, the end result may be tricky to pronounce and recall for a lot of people, and there’s no natural meaning that jumps to mind.
  7. Road Krill – This looks like a mash up between ‘road kill’ and ‘road house grill’. It’s creative, but it doesn’t work. ‘Road kill’ is not a really good image for a restaurant to be associated with, and the end product doesn’t roll off the tongue smoothly.
  8. Bar Flight – This is obviously modified from the term ‘bar fight’, and while it doesn’t project the best image for a bar, it’s definitely memorable. Hopefully, it’s the drinks that get you flying out of there and not a punch.
  9. Spanish Harem – Obviously a take on ‘spanish harlem’ where the ‘l’ has been removed. But ‘harem’ may not be an good word to associate with a restaurant though.
  10. Hindenburger – The Hindenburg disaster doesn’t conjure a great image, but if you’re serving flame-grilled burgers, it may be possible to make a vague connection. From a word design point of view, it is a nice fit.

You’ve probably already spotted that it’s negative concepts and associations that should be avoided. Even if the play on words is very cleverly witty, or extremely funny, if the underlying words have a dark or unpleasant meaning, the name is just not going to end up being very good.

10 Restaurant Names with a Cool Play on Words

Are you thinking of opening a new restaurant or café and are having a hard time trying to find a good name for it?

As you already know, some places have really terrible names that are uninviting, and don’t even make you want to go in to try out the food. Try not to make the same mistake, as a great name can help your business in plenty of ways.

While we can’t offer you suggestions to suit your specific concept, we’ve gathered a collection of cool names of restaurants to give you lots of inspiration.

There are various naming styles used, so you can take your pick and customize it to fit your restaurant’s identity:

  1. Central Pork – This is a really cool name, especially if it specializes in delicious pork dishes and is based in New York. No prizes for guessing that this is a play on the famous ‘Central Park’. With just a change in one single alphabet, a beautiful name can be created.
  2. Simply Gorge Us – A clever and meaningful name that sounds the same as the phrase ‘simply gorgeous’. Just by dropping the ‘o’, it’s been transformed into a common phrase meaning to ‘fill oneself with food’. Nice.
  3. Double Felix – Even if you don’t know it’s a play on ‘double helix’, this is a unique name makes a cool brand. If the owner or chef is called Felix, this is a good name, especially if there is some element of the restaurant that authenticates the ‘double’ in its name.
  4. Janga Java – This is a nice sounding name that’s uniquely appealing. Both words start with a ‘j’ and end with an ‘a’ to produce a brand with a phonetic bounce.
  5. Poultry in Motion – Chicken doesn’t always mix with poetry very well, but this name modifies the phrase ‘poetry in motion’ perfectly. Hopefully their chicken dishes taste just as good.
  6. Rib Rage – Simply perfect! From ribs being all the rage to a play on ‘rib cage’, this name has all the makings of a cool, meaningful and easily remembered name that should resonate with anyone who comes across it.
  7. Jelly Roll Deli – If Jelly Rolls are your specialty, why not just name your deli after it? Of course, if what you’re focusing on is overly common, this naming style may not work as well. ‘Sandwich Deli’ is kind of boring.
  8. Club Soba – Anyone who is into Japanese food and soba noodles is going to appreciate this name. Even if you don’t click that it’s a play on ‘club soda’ this is a great name that holds its own.
  9. Slam Banjo – This doesn’t rhyme, and the first letter of each word doesn’t start with the same letter, but it’s a short and sweet name that’s quite catchy.
  10. Above Bored – It sounds the same as the phrase ‘above board’, but it’s not instantly obvious whether the brand is focused on openness or ensuring that customers are always entertained when they’re there.

Hopefully, you’re now full of ideas to create an awesome name for your new venture. If you have any questions or want more suggestions, post the details of what you have mind below.