Get Feedback & Suggestions for your New Restaurant’s Name

Are you thinking of opening a new restaurant and are having trouble coming up with a name for it that you really like?

Well, don’t worry, as almost every restauranteur encounters the same problem.

Instead of sitting there and pulling your hair out trying to think of the perfect name, you can get feedback by submitting a question in the comments section below.

To get the best naming ideas and actual suggestions of names you can use, follow these tips:

  1. Share as much information about your new restaurant or cafe business as possible
  2. What cuisine are you serving – be as detailed and specific as you can
  3. What target market are you trying to reach – fine diners, students, casual diners … etc.
  4. Where will the restaurant be based – country, city and even street name if you know it
  5. Provide examples of existing restaurant names you like
  6. Share the current names and ideas you’re considering
  7. Share examples of the types of names you definitely do not like
  8. Share any naming styles you prefer – funny, sophisticated, classy, quirky etc

By offering plenty of information about what you have in mind, you should be able to get lots of ideas for restaurant names and various naming strategies that you can use to create your dream name.

178 thoughts on “Get Feedback & Suggestions for your New Restaurant’s Name

  1. Kate

    Hi there. I’m trying to find a creative and clever name for a little cafe and sandwich bar i’m thinking of opening. I have yet to find a suitable location. Here are some names i was considering but none of them really stand out.

    Freshly Cut
    Katie’s Kafe
    Fresh Fillings
    Bite & Brew

    Appreciate any help you guys can offer.

    1. Mike & Sam Post author

      Katie’s Kafe has a nice roll to it. You could also consider ‘Kafe Katie’ or ‘Cafe Kate’.

      Is there any signature dish or sandwich that you’re aiming to known for? If so, it may be an idea to work the name around some food items. ‘Bagels & Bacon’, ‘Eggs & Espresso’, or something that suits your menu and positioning.

      Another option is to base the name on the street and/or area where you lease the premises for your cafe. And if it happens to be a corner lot, you could consider something like ‘Katie’s Corner’ or ‘The Corner Cafe’.

      Want to keep it simple – just use the property’s street number – such as ‘127 Cafe’ or ‘Cafe 127’.

      Want to tie the name together with some interior design elements – use color as a base concept – such as ‘The Crimson Cafe’, or ‘Cafe Caramel’.

      Hope this gets you going. If you need any more feedback, do respond with your thoughts and any other preferences or examples of names you like. Good luck with your new venture.

    2. Michael Gilbertie

      Bite and Brew jumps right out at me, I like the name. I have had several food operations ranging from deli to fast food to full service restaurants. I am now perusing opening a Bistro with about 75 seats that includes a full service bar; I am also struggling with coming up with a catchy name. The building is on the side of a hill so I was thinking about Hillside Bistro however I think I need to add Flanders to the name as it identifies the location. What do you think.

      1. Mike & Sam Post author

        Hi Michael,

        You’ve highlighted a few names that all have a different naming style. And there’s still a location focused Flanders one to consider.

        Ultimately, the ideal name will depend on your new bistro’s brand identity. Is it a trendy place that’s going after a younger crowd, or are families your primary target market? Will your bar cater for late night drinkers, or is it a local watering hole for regulars?

        > Bite & Brew – yes, this is a catchy name, and perfectly suited as you’ve got a full service bar too.

        > Hillside Bistro – not particularly clever or catchy, but certainly meaningful and memorable. Definitely a good option for the shortlist.

        > Something with Flanders – it may not be necessary if one of the others fits the brand image you’re after.

        > Bella Nona – it just shouts home-cooked Italian restaurant with Granny’s recipes.

        Once you think through your Bistro’s branding, it’s target market, and customer profile, you should be clear about what’s truly unique about your new place. After that, the right name should naturally stand out.

  2. Kate

    Thanks so much for your quick response. You’ve given me various ideas. Perhaps I need to figure out our menu and find the location for the shop before confirming the name.

  3. brooke

    i have spent hours trying to decide on a name for my upcoming Italian restaurant but i haven’t made much progress. in fact, i have just been going round in circles and its really frustrating.

    we will be serving traditional homemade italian favorites using my nonna’s delicious recipes. i like classic names like Bella Italia but they have been so overused. can you think of anything similar that is a bit more unique?

    1. Mike & Sam Post author

      How about using ‘nonna’ as a base word and playing around with combinations like:

      – Bella Nonna
      – Nonna Italia
      – Caffe Nonna
      – Nonnatalia
      – Nonna D’Italia

      Good luck in your hunt for a perfect name.

      1. Michael Gilbertie

        I like Bella Nona, it’s catchy and sounds like family.

  4. Chef Stu

    I’m thinking of opening a steak house that specialises in surf n turf. Can you think of any cool names for it. It should be catchy but not too cheesy.

    A friend suggested Steak Board or Sturf Board but I think it doesn’t quite work.

    Any thoughts?

    1. Mike & Sam Post author

      How about keeping it simple with something like ‘Steaks by Stu’ or modifying ‘Surf n Turf’ to ‘Stu n Turf’?

      1. Chef Stu

        Thanks. I didn’t think of using my name but maybe it might be a good idea.

  5. Phyllis

    Hello. We are in the process of planning a fusion Southeast Asian restaurant and need to find a cool name for it.

    It has to be classy and a bit chic. Definitely not like one of the classically terrible Chinese restaurant names like Wing Luck or Golden Dragon etc.

    TIA for any thoughts and ideas.


    1. Mike & Sam Post author

      It may be an idea to get inspiration from the country/countries of origin for the food you’re serving.

      When you say ‘fusion’, is it a fusion of cuisines from different countries in South East Asia (ie dishes from Indonesia, Singapore and Vietnam? Or are you specifically focused on (let’s say) Thai cuisine, and ‘fusion’ is referring to your recipes that are not 100% the same as how they are originally made?

      You can pick unique words, foods, fruits and so on from any of the SE Asian countries or the one whose cuisine you’re focusing on, to be used or modified into a cool brand name for your restaurant.

      For example …

      Green Papaya – Papaya is a fruit that is commonly found in the region (and makes a great name on its own as well). The ‘flesh’ is normally orange, but there are green ones too. One of Thailand’s famous dishes is the Green Papaya Salad, so this may be a good name for a Thai inspired place, although it could work for any Asian restaurant.

      Pandan Leaf – Pandan leaves are often used as a flavoring in a lot of South East Asian cooking. Makes for a great name too. Or you can just shorten it to Pandan.

      Rojak – is a traditional Indonesian and Malaysian vegetable and fruit salad dish. The word also refers to a blend/mix of different things, which could be appropriate if you intend to include a mixed bunch of SE Asian dishes from different countries.

      Rambutan – is an exotic South East Asian fruit that’s native to Malaysia and Indonesia. In fact, the region has quite a few unique fruits that can be used to create a great brand.

      Kuali/Wok – In the Malay language, Kuali means wok, the most common cooking tool used throughout most Asian countries. Alternatively, a name like ‘Hot Wok’ also makes for a great name.

      Kuta Kitchen – Anyone who has visited Bali in Indonesia will know Kuta to be a famous beach that’s filled with tourists. You could use Bali as a base word if you want a name that’s more intuitive, or zoom into a specific place for a more unique name.

      As you can see, there are lots of possibilities you can explore, from names of fruits and dishes, to utensils and places.

      Of course, these naming strategies don’t just apply to restaurant names for SouthEast Asian restaurants. It can be for any type of cuisine from anywhere in the world.

      1. Phyllis

        Thanks so much for your feedback guys 🙂 totally love the ideas you shared.

        I’m thinking of adapting Green Papaya to Pink Papaya – do you know if there are pink papayas (ie pink guavas)?

        Or does it not matter whether the color+fruit combo actually exists, as long as it is a great name?

    2. amy

      There is a really cool sushi restaurant in Atlanta called Ra. Short and sweet, but trendy and amazing atmosphere.

      1. Mike & Sam Post author

        Definitely awesome. It’s just so uniquely short that it’s instantly memorable.

  6. Michelle

    I am thinking of opening a restaurant in the MidWest and wondering what people think of the name “The Cat’s Meow” ?

    1. Mike & Sam Post author

      Nice, Michelle 🙂 It should definitely be on your shortlist. Quirky and memorable.

  7. Waseem

    Hey all
    First thank for your advice in advance.
    Im planning to start a restuarant which will serve burgers, hotdogs, wings
    I have chose a theme of wood stuff specially old barells all around , tree parts..etc
    It will be in egypt

    1. Mike & Sam Post author

      Hey Waseem – To get good name suggestions, you will need to share naming styles you prefer, examples of names you like and more details of what you have in mind. Eg. does the name need to have an Egyptian feel to it?

  8. steve

    THE POINT 454



    ….your thoughts on these names please…what type or restaurant/bar theme would u associate with each restaurant name above.

    1. Mike & Sam Post author

      Both can make good brands Steve. It depends on what’s the “story” behind them.

      ‘The Point 454’ is definitely more unique, and if it somehow refers to the location where the restaurant will be, then it’s a no brainer.

      ‘Karma’ is used for many brand names already. It naturally has an Eastern and exotic feel to it. Probably more fitting for a more sophisticated place rather than a fast food joint.

  9. Adnan

    Hi there,
    We just took over an Italian cafe/restaurant..
    Just looking for some advise..
    What do u guys think of “VOGLIO”
    The Italian to be the new name…??

    1. Mike & Sam Post author

      Cool name Adnan.

      It’s short, catchy, memorable, relevant and a pleasure to pronounce. Instantly makes you think of vongole and olio.

      Good luck with your new place.

  10. Annie


    I am looking for a catchy, quirky and easy to remember name for new fast food cafe that we’re planning to open. We’re serving korean/teriyaki grill with Beef and chicken as our main focus.Our target market is family, lunch crowds (we’re located near one of the largest hospital in our county and also have many sub-divisions in our areas). Our concept is to serve all the grill meat in a rice bowl and the customer get to pick what they want to put into the bowl. I am pretty lame with coming up with some interesting names, so far the names I came up with is:
    Rice Bowl
    Chicken and Beef
    Urban Kitchen

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    1. Mike & Sam Post author

      Hey Annie,

      The few ideas you’ve shared are quite descriptive and simple. Is this the style you prefer? I presume you’re open to other naming techniques since you mentioned you’re potentially looking for something that’s quirky too.

      You should probably start by asking yourself a few questions in order to establish the identity of the brand (and restaurant) you’re about to open.

      1) What’s special/unique about the place. What do you want to be known for?

      2) Is it more important to communicate you’re a korean/teriyaki grill, or that your main focus is on chicken and beef?

      3) Is it essential to incorporate the rice bowl concept into the name, or could it limit your options in the future?

      By clarifying these points, and exploring other relevant ones, you’ll become clearer on what you want (and don’t want) in the name. Once you’ve got these requirements and wish list, you’ll be in a better position to get creative.

      Here are a few ideas –

      – Korean Kitchen – these 2 words are a natural fit if you want to brand yourself as a Korean restaurant and keep it simple

      – Teriyummy – a more playful and brandable name that blends teriyaki with yummy

      – The Teriyaki Grill – easy to remember, pronounce and identify with

      Do share more information about your upcoming cafe, and we can try to come up with more ideas for suitable names.

    2. suz81

      if you combine Korean and Teriyaki you can get > Keriyaki

      or even better > Koriyaki

  11. InesLL

    Thanks for this site! I am struggling finding a short and catchy name for a fast casual restaurant. Food offering is mainly poultry and vegetarian dishes with emphasis in organic and healthy (mediterranean cuisine). Target market are young adults and families. I am leaning towards a name related to “meals”, “Farm” , “home made”. Something that brings to mind: Casual, healthy, relaxing atmosphere, home made, fresh from the farm, family. I thought of “À Table” (french expression to call people to the table) but there are some restaurants already called like this.
    Your input is much appreciated.

    1. Mike & Sam Post author

      You’re welcome. Hopefully, we can assist you in finding the perfect name for your new place too. It’d be good if you can share as many examples of names you like. They could be ones you’ve come up with, or names of existing restaurants that use naming techniques you like.

      You mentioned ‘A Table’ – it’s a nice and classy name that’s very memorable and elegant. However, it doesn’t seem to satisfy your other requirements, which are to communicate the type of food being served.

      If you look around, you’ll find quite a few restaurants that are called the same name, so if you really like one, do some homework to see if you can use it too. You can check with your Business Incorporation Advisor, Lawyer, or start by doing some relevant searches on Google. If the existing places are not located in the State (or country) where you intend to operate, it may be okay for you to use it. [Note: you should get professional legal advice].

      One thing you may want to consider is to incorporate some of your branding elements into a tagline or slogan. For example ‘A Table – Healthy Homemade Meals’. By doing this, you can combine your message with a brandable name to reinforce it’s identity and your brand message. In addition, this may help to differentiate you from any of the existing restaurants with a similar name, so that your place is not ‘confusingly similar’ to their name.

      You’ve listed quite a few concepts that are a solid foundation to come up with a good name already:

      Organic & Healthy
      Mediterranean Cuisine
      Home Made
      Casual & Relaxing
      Fresh from the Farm

      Now, you just need to figure out the naming styles you like, and any other unique selling points about your place in order to create a catchy and memorable name.

      1. InesLL

        Thanks for your feedback.
        Have a great week

  12. Katrina

    Hello, my husband and I are opening a restaurant in Tennessee and are looking for suggestions for a restaurant name. He is sicilian and I am southern with over 20 years experience in catering. We are going to have a southern flare with italian offerings as well. I had pondered Adagio, but found out there is an Adagio pizza in the next town. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance.

    1. Mike & Sam Post author

      Hi Katrina,

      I presume you considered Adagio as it’s Italian and sounds good as a brand name, without worrying about it’s literal meaning. If that’s the case, carrying on with the theme of musical related words, there’s Allegro, Acapella, Libretto and plenty of other wonderful options.

      You can find most of them in the link below that provides the English translation/meaning too, which may be useful in helpful you to create a great story behind the name you choose.

      ‘Southern Flare’ also jumps out from the description you shared.

      Best of luck with your new place.

  13. Tom

    Just found this site. I am opening a carry out broasted chicken, baked

    chicken ,ribs, salads, sandwiches, etc. Trying to think of a catchy or

    funny name.

    So far we have come up with the 2 names listed here: The Crazy

    Chicken or Hen Pecked.

    In our area there is a small chain of broasted chicken carry outs

    named Chicken Shack.

    There is only one other broasted chicken carry out in the same city, that

    is a copy of Chicken Shack called North Shack. The owner used to work at

    Chicken Shack. There are no other broaster chicken places in our city.

    1. Mike & Sam Post author

      Hey Tom,

      Out of the 2 names you came up with, i would probably go with Crazy Chicken – it is fun and easy to remember, which is what you need.

      Hen Pecked is a clever and more sophisticated name, but for a carry out that should appeal to everyone, it may not be quite as effective.

      In case you’re thinking of using the word ‘broast’ in the name, you may find this interesting:

      Broasting is a method of cooking chicken and other foods using a pressure fryer and condiments. The technique was invented by L.A.M. Phelan in the early 1950s and is marketed by the Broaster Company of Beloit, Wisconsin, which Phelan founded.

      The company licenses the “broasted” trademark to more than 5,510 purchasers of its equipment who follow its specifications and recipes and undertake a periodic certification process.

      More at:

      Good luck with your new venture.

  14. Menia

    Need a name for a restaurant!
    We will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, fun casual family dining.
    Homemade food, like meatloaf, crab cakes, and steaks. It also has a bar. Located in a small city, Lansdale, PA, near Philly and the Pennsylvania turnpike. I would like something catchy and simple. I like Mikes Kitchen, The Mill.

    Please Help!!!

    1. Mike & Sam Post author

      Hello Menia,

      Both Mikes Kitchen and The Mill are simple and easy to remember, so that passes the first rule of creating a really good name.

      The second objective is to make it as meaningful as possible. If you can readily explain why you chose a particular name for your place, it gives the resulting brand greater depth and makes it even more memorable.

      If one of the owners or chef is called Mike, then there’s a natural fit. Or if the premises you’re using has some connection to being a mill before, it will set the stage for a great story.

      But if the name doesn’t have a connection to something that makes sense, they’ll be a bit more like a body without a soul.

      An angle you may want to consider is to focus on one thing that you really want to be known for. It could be an item on your menu (i.e. Mike’s Meatloaf), or anything that makes your restaurant distinctly unique. This will be the reason your customers share with their friends when recommending your place. It will be the reason why you’re the talk about town when you open up.

      1. Menia

        Thank You!

        Great advice. This was a restaurant that has gone out of business. We have three others and hope to make this on a success as well. Mike is my husband, so that fits, and the area had a lot of silk mills at one time. One thing that I hope to focus on and forgot to include in my description is a salad bar.

        Thanks again and I love all the insight the other inquiries have given me.

        1. Mike & Sam Post author

          You are most welcome.

          Since both names have a solid story behind them, it seems you have a good grasp of what it takes to come up with a great name.

          If food is your main appeal, both would be suitable. But if you intend to push the bar more, The Mill may be a better fit.

          Good luck turning the place around, and do let us know what name you end up going with.

  15. john

    Mic & Sam
    I am looking to open a café that serves soups, salads, sandwiches, entrees- yet the menu will be small because the restaurant will seat 60 including bar seating. I want a small menu for the kitchen to run efficient and I don’t have a lot of kitchen space.. the restaurant itself is in a rectangular shape box with a small patio.. I need a good name that I can brand it..
    ideas so far are:
    back door café
    café 1011 (the address itself)
    southside jazz café

    any help is greatly appreciated.

    1. Mike & Sam Post author

      Hey John,

      Can you elaborate a bit more on what you see to be your core appeal? Is there any particular segment you’re aiming for – breakfast, lunch or dinner? Are you going after the ‘sandwich-bar’, deli, homemade meals, mini diner or some other market?

      Although it’s tempting to say your concept will cover them all (or quite a few at least), you can get a lot more clarity on how to position (and grow) your brand if you can put your finger clearly on your primary goal.

      Are you hoping to be the local hangout, or somewhere to grab a quick bite? Will it be predominantly focused on people living in the neighbourhood or do you intend to attract customers from all over?

      The few ideas you’ve got are good. As always, what matters most is the story behind them.

        back door café – any reason for ‘back door’? perhaps there are further insights you can share with us about your concept

        café 1011 (the address itself) – this strategy is always a solid one. ‘1011’ is visually memorable. However, it could be mistaken for 1101. Spoken out loud, ‘ten-eleven’ may be less of a mouthful to pronounce than 1-0-1-1

        southside jazz café – why jazz? is that part of the concept? do share more

      Sorry it’s not possible to offer any decent suggestions at the moment, but hopefully we’ve offered some useful things to consider, and if you can provide more details, we’ll try to contribute further.

  16. slugjaq

    Original structure in 1895. Modified many times over the years. A car drove thru the front to the bar one time. A tornado came right at it one day and jumped right over while patrons watched in the parking lot. It has been called “The Old Shack” for as long as anyone remembers. Became a very typical “dive bar” with the pool table, nasty floor with taped down carpet, floor boards and cement leveler for the bar area floors. Nascar mirror. Outlines of the old bar mirrors from the smoke are still there. It sits kitty corner to a grain elevator, across from residential housing, and at the corner of the town’s industrial park with working mill, concrete factory, steel machining right there (about 750 workers). One mile down the road is the brand new High School that just won a state championship in basketball. New developments have growing around it. Really no room for another restaurant/bar for quite a ways, so it kinda has its own area. It sits right next to a railroad track and the 4 corner of roads it sits at has a railroad crossing making a diamond thru that (X marks the spot on a map of the crossing). Sleepy little downtown about a mile down the road. 6,000 residents with average median income per household of 70k. Right off a US Hwy with a Ford plant and a prison. 15 minutes outside of Ann Arbor, Michigan. The address is at the corner of Wabash and Redman roads.
    12 years ago it got an addition to the back of the building. It got a brand new kitchen with new equipment, new hood, new air handler, new roof, new walk-in cooler (that has never seen food in it – only cheap schwill beer), and new bathrooms for the guests that are huge, code, and just need some decor. It is kinda opposite. The kitchen was built to code and has everything just as you would ever want. The bathrooms are more than you would ever expect. The hood and air handler were put on concrete footers and metal stantions to keep them off the roof.
    The rest of the place is just dirty, nasty, tired, and will be gutted, drywalled (probably) and new flooring. The whole place for patrons is one big open room with a slanted ceiling that gets up to 15 feet high (about 1300 sf that you can see everything anywhere. it isn’t perfectly square – one side angles to mimic the railroad track). Will be different flooring around the bar area that has an old 20 foot bar that will get totally resurfaced and re-built. Think warm and cozy. Welcome to families to eat and bring kids. Probably 6 micro brew tap handles. Traditional American fair (burgers, wraps, salads, chicken, steaks, and fresh fish done well) will have specials of less traditional roadhouse as well (fresh tuna, bacon wrapped shrimp stuffed with crab meat, stuff made fresh from scratch. small menu). Maybe one nice tv over the bar.
    Booth seating, table seating, bar seating, high top seating, and hopefully one big, long “family” or “alii” table.
    The place kinda started losing business and the owners’ health deteriorated and it closed about a year ago. It was listed on St. Patty’s day this year, and we agreed on a price to buy 410 Wabash on April 10th (4/10). Hoping to open by the 4th of July (which would be my wife and I’s 20th anniversary of our first date). We feel that “The Old Shack” needs a new life, and a new name. Some used to affectionately call it, “the office” and the “the lil red church” – as in, gonna head to the “office” or the “lil red church” as a way of not saying you are going for a drink at the Old Shack. Kinda like the office reference…Back Office? Not touching anything to do with religion (or politics)!
    We are a husband and wife team that will have a small crew that will all share in profits. We have over 40 years combined experience in over 5 states from southern Florida to the U.P. on Lake Superior. We have worked in every capacity for multiple concepts (over 40 F&B concepts). This has been the dream for a very long time, and with a nice, up to code kitchen and restrooms, the place just needs a new name, some fresh paint, a floor, and love.
    The train theme is obvious to go towards but…. There is an old drag strip nearby that is still in use and I use to go to as a kid back in the 1970’s but….. So, we have played on the train theme (which really doesn’t mean that much to us)….like Grain Train, 410 Station, 410 Tap (410 Wabash is the address). Don’t necessarily want people to think, or add, bar to the end of the name. We don’t want to be a shot n beer place like it was (had a guy just tell me that he had only ever been in there twice and both times he fealt like he needed a shower when he left. we want to be clean clean clean and the new image should spread like wildfire in the small town where every one knows of this old “shack”. We will have superior service and great fresh food done right every time. Working owner/managers.
    Some local names we like: Sidetracks, Blue Tractor, Gandy Dancer, Roadhouse.
    Personally, we kinda like the idea of a unique name that means more to us than to a train, or town. Folk lore appeals more. Really into classics like Bogart, or ancient Greek or Roman tales (The Golden Ass, Odyssey), Kurt Vonnegut, etc.
    We have played with our names. McDowell is the last name. Yea – not going with the “Coming to America” reference. Interestingly enough, our first daughter’s middle name was actually a reduction of a Hawaiian lady’s name we worked with at Hawaiian Fusion restaurant. She came two months early while my wife and I were both working on a busy Friday night. Yep, her water broke at 7 months while passing out sushi and chopsticks. We had no name for her yet. Mom was discharged from hospital before she was named Zoie Milani McDowell. Zoie for the greek word of “lively” as she was a kicker and came early (she still jumps up and down as she talks to you), and Milani sounds kinda Italian, but it was shortened from the Hawaiian lady Milileilani (meaning heavenly girl)….she said her family helped her translate Milani as “heavenly note” – which became a no-brainer as I used to put my guitar on mama’s belly and sing to her in the womb. So a “lively heavenly note” she is. The town is called Milan. Pronounced differently, but we thought about calling the bacon wrapped shrimp, “Shrimp Milani.”
    My nickname has been Slug for thirty plus years – started as “lil slugger” in baseball as I was a great hitter in baseball. My wife is Jacqueline, and our LLC is Slugjaq LLC – which could make it Slugjaq Shack.
    That is all the things we are beating ourselves up on. We need a name before we can do much more we feel. Thanks for reading and any suggestions out there!

    1. Mike & Sam Post author

      Hey Slug,

      That’s a great brief – it took some time to go through, and it probably needs a second run, but it’s worth the read. It’d be good if all the other people looking for suggestions or feedback for their upcoming restaurants name shared such a detailed description too.

      • New Name – Absolutely. The Old Shack is not just getting a facelift. It’s a completely new restaurant/bar, with a new concept, new image, new customers, and a new name. You’re right in distancing your new product from what was housed in the same place before.
      • Past Affectionate Nicknames (The Office etc) – It’s probably best to sever the association entirely. If The Old Shack was known as ‘The Office’ by some people, and you call your new place ‘Back Office’, it’s just too similar. Most of all, it’s unnecessary. The name should be meaningful, and a nickname for a watering hole doesn’t seem to fit the concept you’ve described.
      • Train Theme – Yes, that’s an obvious one, but if you’re not particularly attached to or fond of it, then focus on something else. Having said that, you could still incorporate certain elements into your decor and just not let it be a fully thematic concept that includes the name as well.
      • New Image – From the sounds of it, you’re going to totally revamp the place. In fact, you’re completely transforming it, so the most important thing to sort out first, is to define the new product – it’s image, it’s positioning, it’s target market, it’s unique selling points, and the very essence of the brand. By doing so, certain naming options will be more relevant and others not as much.
      • Bar or Restaurant – Yes, you’ll have both. But what is the prime focus? From what you’ve shared – The Old Shack was a beer and shots place. You mentioned things like ‘clean clean clean’, ‘Welcome to families to eat and bring kids’ and ‘superior service and great fresh food done right every time’. With this in mind, it may make sense to choose a name with a solid story that will resonate with the whole family.
      • Sidetracks, Blue Tractor, Gandy Dancer, Roadhouse – seems like there are already a handful of well-named places in the area. It’s good to hear that “we kinda like the idea of a unique name that means more to us than to a train, or town”. Trains and Towns names appear to be played out already.
      • If you can think of a good classically inspired Greek/Roman name, it may be an option. It really depends how you build the story around it. Bearing your target market in mind, you probably don’t want it to be overly clever or ‘deep’, or it may not connect with them so well.
      • For choice, i would go with a name that focuses on you and your wife. As owner-operators, you’re going to be the life and soul of the place. You’ve got the experience to back it up, and naming menu items like ‘Shrimp Milani’ is perfect. You want customers to be asking why, and wanting to find out more. And when they discover the great story behind it, it will reinforce your physical ‘warm and cosy’ ambience with plenty of soul too.

      The combination of your names is probably more fun and interesting than your surname. For a fine dining or more sophisticated place, McDowell’s may be suitable. It’s classy and doesn’t take a genius to figure it out. On the other hand, a name like Slugjaq’s is just so brilliantly unique. And most of the people who come across it, will naturally want to know the who, why, what and how behind the name. That’s when you and your team can naturally flow to share about its vision and values.

      1. slugjaq

        Wow. Thank you so much for the excellent, and thought out, response! We really have always wondered if that name was too odd somehow. We have used that slugjaq name for almost 20 years now from signing photography prints we do, to email, to our Slugjaq Disc-B-Q disc golf pig roasts.

        Do you think it should be just straight “Slugjaq’s” or should it be Slugjaq’s Station or Slugjaq ________?

        Really do appreciate your thoughtfulness and obvious knack!

        1. Mike & Sam Post author

          SlugJaq’s is a unique brand name on its own already. Although it’s a little weird in terms of spelling and doesn’t contain any common words – and hence may not be as easy to remember – it is short, only 2 syllables, pronounceable and fun to say. With a great logo, the visuals will complement the name to make it more memorable.

          A second word may be a good idea if the first one is more generic, where the brand name is created from the combination of both words together. Don’t think it’s necessary here though. And it may end up being quite a mouthful to say – ie ‘SlugJaq’s Station’, versus simply SlugJaq’s which is nice and punchy.

  17. Toni

    I’m in need of some help naming a restaurant I’m hoping to open in a British seaside town. The building is right on the seafront overlooking the Thames Estuary. It was originally a sun shelter built in the 1920’s and it was called “The Leas Sun Shelter” over recent years the council haven’t maintained the building and it’s mostly been used by rough sleepers. I’m hoping to turn it into a bar, cafe and restaurant. The menu will have a slightly American feel, serving steaks, burgers, surf n turf, lobster, calamari, crab, mussels etc I also want to have a cocktail bar and will serve a large range of ice-cream Sundays. As it’s quite a grand 1920’s building so I want the décor to have a slightly 1920’s feel with “British seaside” touches. I want the restaurant/bar to have a fun, casual feel.
    Other local restaurants and bars are called, Ocean Beach, Pier West, The Beach Hut, The Estuary and Sands but I was looking for something a little more quirky. I thought of simply calling it “The Shelter” but there’s a homeless charity called Shelter so then I was thinking of names with a Seaside feel like “Seaside Rocks”, “Red Rock Kitchen”, “SouthShore” or names with a slightly 1920’s feel like “Roaring 20’s”, “Flapper and Sheik” or “The Lindy Hop”. I’m not sure if any of these are any good though, so any help will be much appreciated.

    1. Mike & Sam Post author

      Hi Toni,

      Sounds like you have an idyllic place for a restaurant.

      – The Sun Shelter – yes, ‘The Shelter’ has been used as a name for lots of things. You can still go with it, as there’s no chance of any confusing similarity between a restaurant and a homeless charity. You can potentially add in the ‘sun’ to make it more unique. The alliterative S’s go together nicely too. And, if feasible, you can have a great outdoor section with a feature sun shelter. England may not get much sun for most of the year, but the name will still project a positive image.

      – SouthShore – is a great brand name. If there’s a suitable story to backup the name, this could be worth putting onto the shortlist.

      – Ocean Beach, Pier West, The Beach Hut – evidently, your competitors have the standard seaside names covered already. You’re right in going for something quirkier in order to be unique.

      – Seaside Rocks – this is okay. Nothing particularly special, but it could work if you really like it and can develop a concept around it.

      – Red Rock Kitchen – unless the rocks around you are red, i’d pass on this one. ‘Red Rock’ has been played out a lot, and it’s not very quirky.

      – The Lindy Hop – this does make you stop and take notice of it. Depending on who your target market is, a name like this could help you to really stand out from the rest.

      – Roaring 20’s – a more subtle 20’s association may be better IMO.

      Looks like you’ve got a good feel for coming up with names. Do share any others you think of, if you’d like to get a second opinion or any further thoughts on them.

      Another idea may be to build the town’s name into your restaurant’s name.

  18. joe

    Hi i need some help for an Italian restaurant that I’m planning to open very soon.Is a classic restaurant pizzeria locate in the city cross road to a museum place with tourist every day,also i got colleges,pubs,bottle shops and residential area all around me on top and some hotels behind.
    I m considering something that will catch peoples to think strait to Italian food and Italy i want serve classic and genuine food wrap with gr8 service and atmosphere to remember.Please helpppppppppppppppppppppppp is getting bit frustrating.Ciao

    1. Mike & Sam Post author

      Hey Joe,

      Can you share a little bit more information about your restaurant and the types of names you like:

      – Are you more of a Pizzeria with a few Italian dishes, or are Pizzas only a small part of your menu?
      – Do you specialise in any particular type of Italian cuisine? Is it from any specific region?
      – ‘Classic Italian’ means different things to different people. Can you share what you mean exactly?
      – Every restaurant owner wants to offer great service and atmosphere. What are your distinguishing qualities?
      – What are some examples of cool Italian restaurant names that you like? Do you have any you’ve come up with?

      In order to choose a suitable name, you should know who you’re trying to appeal to. Do you have a clear idea on who your target market is? i.e. are you an upmarket fine dining restaurant, a casual place to get a quick bite, a place to take the family for dinner, or somewhere in between? From what you mentioned, it seems that your customers may consist of tourists, students and people from the nearby pubs.

      Finding the perfect name for your new business can be very frustrating. But if you think through some of these questions mentioned above, you’ll be able to get better suggestions, and in the process, you may also refine the plans for your restaurant.

      Look forward to hearing back from you.

  19. amanda

    hi, I am looking for suggesting in naming my restaurant. my restaurant will features west indies food, ” Guyanese and Trinidadian”. foods will be suck as curry, noodles, fried rice, stew and many more. I am looking for a fine restaurant name, it will be based in queens new York. ” new beginnings” is my choice because its a new start in my life, after years of struggle I finally made it for my restaurant. yur suggestions would be greatefully appriciated

    1. Mike & Sam Post author

      Hello Amanda,

      New Beginnings sounds good. You may find it useful to make a list of other options, and then reflect on whether you still like it as the best one.

      Here are some suggestions:

      The Windies
      Spring Leaf
      Fresh Flavors
      Taste of Trinidad
      Humming Bird Cafe
      The Trinity
      House of Roti
      Doubles and Dumplings

      As you can see, there are various naming styles that can be used to name a restaurant offering West Indies food.

      If you can’t make up your mind yet, try to think through other elements of your business first – from your targeted customers and menu items, to the ambiance and decor. What are some of the unique selling points of your place? What do you want people to tell their friends about your restaurant? By reflecting on some of these things, you can get more naming ideas.

      Feel free to post back if you need more feedback or suggestions.

  20. amanda

    thank you, these names are nice. I will bear them in mind, however I wont mind some mor suggestions

    1. Mike & Sam Post author

      Can you share some examples of existing restaurant names you like, and a bit more about your concept, menu, specialties etc.

  21. Will

    I am putting together some branding for a new eatery at my University. I need some help on the name.

    Quick Brief:
    “global” café – foods from around the world
    International business school
    It’s a few floors up, so it overlooks Greek village, Blossom St. bridge, baseball stadium, etc.
    There’s a hot line, carving station, sandwiches/salads, coffee, bakery, gelato
    It’s on 1014 Greene St.. there’s palm trees everywhere

    Proposed Menu:

     Steel-Cut Oatmeal/Muesli

     Power Breakfast Sandwich – egg white, spinach and bruschetta on sourdough bread

     Breakfast Sandwiches – egg, protein and cheese on sourdough bread

     Crepes

    o Toppings: fresh fruit, gluten-free granola, brown sugar, raisins and honey

     Fruit/Yogurt Bar – create your own

    o Banana Split – Nutella, banana and whipped cream

    o Simple – strawberry preserves

    o Savory –scrambled eggs and gouda cheese

    o Veggie – scrambled eggs, spinach mushroom and Swiss cheese

    o Choice of: Greek or Vanilla yogurt

    o Season Fresh Fruit

    o Gluten-free granola


     Mousse de Café Mousse , Farmers Cheesecake and Coconut Tart (rotation)

     Gelato (4 flavors)

     Sorbet

     Bel Pastry

     Assorted Scones

     Cookies

    o Butter Croissant

     with Almond or Gouda Cheese (savory)

    o Pan au Chocolat

    o Mini Pastries (Danish- Raspberry, Custard, Maple Pecan and Apple)

    o Blueberry with Lemon Glaze

    o Raspberry White Chocolate with White Chocolate Drizzle

    o Orange Cranberry with Orange Glaze

    o Granola cookie (all day)

    o Chocolate Chip (PM)

    o Peanut Butter (PM)

    Brazilian Menu Item Global Menu Item From Ms. Moore-Pastide’s cookbook Mindful Menu Item

    Coffee and Teas

    *Monin organic syrups and sauces

     Aspretto Coffee – 100% Fair Trade

    o Light, Dark, Vanilla, Hazelnut, Single Origin, Decaf and Seasonal

    o Espresso

     Americano and Cappuccino

     Latte, Mocha, Caramel Latte and White Chocolate Mocha

     Available hot, iced or frozen

     Numi Tea – 100% Fair Trade and USDA Organic Certified

    o Iced-Tea: High Mountain Black, Berry and Green Tea

    o Hot Tea: Breakfast Blend, Earl Gray, Gun Powder Green, Jasmine Green, Berry Black, Matte Lemon,

     “make it bubble tea” Strawberry, Mixed Berry and Peach

    Rooibos-Chai and Moroccan Mint


    *Choose between Greek or Vanilla yogurt – Sweetened with organic agave syrup

     Power Up – Pineapple, Orange, Banana and Almond Milk

     Shade of Green – Avocado, Kiwi, Green Tea, Lime Juice and Mint Leaves

     Mixed Berry – Raspberry, Strawberry and Blueberry

     Super-Food – Kale, Blueberry Banana and Almond Milk

     LTO – Tropical (Aug-Sept), Pumpkin (Oct-Nov), Eggnog (Nov-Dec)


     Featured Deli Item

    o Chicken and Watermelon Rind Salad

    *Sandwiches below are pre-made on whole grain or white baguette, warmed and with your choice of gourmet spread

     Low Sodium Boar’s Head Turkey (everyday)

     Low Sodium Boar’s Head Ham (everyday)

     Low Sodium Boar’s Head Roast Beef (rotation)

     Italian (rotation)

     Chicken Bruschetta Sandwich (rotation)

     Portobello (rotation)

     Tomato Mozzarella (rotation)

    *Gourmet Spreads (serve 4 daily)

     Tuscan White Bean, Bruschetta, Olive Tapenade, Artichoke Tapenade, Black Bean Hummus and Red Pepper Hummus

    *Sides: Deep River chip company – ALL gluten-free, No Trans Fat, Artificial Colors or Preservatives OR side green salad or grain salad

    of the day

    Brazilian Menu Item Global Menu Item From Ms. Moore-Pastide’s cookbook Mindful Menu Item

    Choose 1


     Featured Salad Item

     Grain and Green Salad (rotating 1 each daily)

    o Salada De Berinjela Assada – Baked Eggplants, Pepper and Onions Salad

    o Rotation of grains: Barley (w/feta and cranberries), Bulgur Wheat, Quinoa or Green Lentil

    o Rotation of greens: Greek blend, Caesar blend and Garden blend

    *Add protein – 3 options daily (2 proteins, 1 veggie/fish)

     Lemon Pepper Shrimp, Lemon Pepper Tuna, Pesto Tuna, Lemon Pepper Salmon, Pesto Salmon, Pesto Chicken, Balsamic

    Chicken, Pesto Grilled Turkey Cutlet, Balsamic Grilled Turkey Cutlet, Marinated Grilled Portobello Mushroom


     “Bauru” – Brazilian Steak Sandwich

     Eggplant Milanese

     Grilled Salmon Burger

     Croque-Monsieur (grilled ham and cheese)

     Grilled Chicken Kabob

     Grilled Veggies Kabob

    *Sides: Grilled Fruit Slices or Sweet Potato Fries

    Rotisserie/Carving Station (rotation)

     Greek Chicken with Rosemary, Garlic and Olive Oil

     Kenyan Roasted Chicken with Peanut Sauce

     American Turkey Sage Rubbed

     Latin American Pork Carnitas

     Korean Beef Bulgogi

     Brazilian Beef rubbed with Cumin

     Moroccan Style Lamb

    Brazilian Menu Item Global Menu Item From Ms. Moore-Pastide’s cookbook Mindful Menu Item

    Hotline (4 week cycle)

     Entrée options

     Side options

    o Oven Roasted Citrus Herb Salmon

    o Cajun Turkey

    o Spicy Shrimp and Kimchi Rice Paper Wraps

    o Brazilian Chicken

    o Turkey Bolognese

    o Grilled Shrimp Spiedini

    o Orange Glazed Pork Medallions

    o Shrimp Strew with Coconut Milk

    o Cheese Tortellini

    o Stuffed Bell Peppers

    o Mahi Fish Tacos

    o Lemon Garlic Green Beans

    o Couscous

    o Pursnip Potatoes

    o Brown Rice with Black Bean Corn Sauce

    o Roasted Greek Potatoes

    o Whole Wheat Pasta

    o Brazilian Style Veggies

    o Farro

    o Asparagus
    Proposed names (none of which anyone likes so far)
    -Cafe 1014
    -Sabal Cafe
    -27 Palms
    -Palm Terrace
    -1014 Greene

    Would love some other suggestions!

    1. Mike & Sam Post author

      Hey Will,

      Just reading your menu has got me all hungry 🙂 Looks like you’ve got it all thought out pretty well.

      It’d be good if you can share naming styles you prefer and examples of names you like. Without any specific direction, here’s a mixed bag of ideas:

      Ten Fourteen
      Melting Pot
      Eat Market
      Rotary Cafe
      Round the World (RTW)
      Food Axis / Faxis

      Since your team is not keen on any of your currently proposed names, we haven’t focused too much on the concepts surrounding your location.

      Hopefully, you get some ideas and inspiration from this list. If you need any more feedback, just post again.

      Good luck with your venture and do let us know what name you ultimately decide on.

      1. Will


        This was SUPER helpful! Thanks so much!

  22. joe G

    Was planning a restaurant based in suffolk, Virginia. Was thinking of something very simple using fresh local ingredients. Being that suffolk is located right on the border of north carolina being a “southern” state im gonna do smoked pulled pork, brisket, ribs, chicken, and sausage. People can buy all those items by the pound, on a sandwich, and on a plate with sides. I would have a counter patrons would walk up to for ordering and maybe 10 tables tops. But a very simple quick order concept but done to a higher/modern/cool way. I had a restaurant name in mind but I dont feel it fits with the concept. My last name is Gardner so I was gonna call it “A Gardner’s kitchen” . Im open to all suggestions, I like simple names.

    1. Mike & Sam Post author

      Hey Joe,

      Sounds like a good place to get a bite to eat. Here are some ideas that come to mind from what you mentioned:

      Gardner’s Place
      Southern Delights
      Chef Gardner
      Smokey Sizzle
      The Pound
      Suffolk House
      Meat Kitchen

      There are plenty of other simple names we can suggest. To make them as meaningful as possible, it would be great if you can share more about the place you intend to open.

      You gave a good idea of your menu and some of the concept. Can you share 2 or 3 things you’d like your customers to tell their friends about why your place is super awesome?

  23. Kristin

    Hi Mike & Sam,

    I am acquiring this not doing so well restaurant in Southern California this month. I will be serving lots of tapas fun food that caters to young from 16-40ish. It will be an Asian Fusion cuisine that serves most famous dishes from different parts of Asia. My dishes will have lots of fried garlic as topping. So far my family, friends and I like “Garlic & Chives”. But as I read above, Around the World also interested me.

    I am so excited that I found this site and thank you for helping. I’ve been so stress of trying to come up a good catchy name.

    1. Mike & Sam Post author

      Hi Kristin,

      ‘Around the World’ certainly gives you more options for your business. It’s also appropriate since you’ll be focusing on the best cuisine from different countries.

      A name that features ‘garlic’ may be relevant since you intend to top most of the dishes with garlic, but it’s a little limiting. You never know – in the future, you may decide to ease off on the garlic a bit, and then the name won’t be as relevant anymore. Furthermore, will you be using a lot of chives in your recipes too, to make the name ‘Garlic & Chives’ equally as meaningful?

      That said, ‘Around the World’ may be bit of a mouthful, and it is a little overly generic as a brand name.

      ‘Asian Tapas’ is a nice descriptive combination that clearly communicates what you serve, and is quirky enough to make people wonder what you’ve got to offer, since they typically associate the word tapas with Spanish/European cuisine. But, it is also a bit too descriptive. Perhaps it can be a perfect tagline.

      Maybe you can combine the word Tapas with some other Asian flavored word (Eastern, Jade, Dragon, Bamboo etc) to come up with an ideal name.

      What do you think? We can work on more ideas depending on your opinion.

  24. Nass


    I am creating a new Hookah Lounge in Dubai that serves Shisha , Food, Drinks, Sushi, Pizza & exceptional sweets..
    it’s a big place (1000 sqmtr) – it is a social Hub concept that has Entertainment without Alcohol.

    We are looking for a Bilingual name for a Lounge, we need a name that sounds cool & catchy in English & Arabic as this will be Franchised.

    This concept has a cosmopolitan cuisine /menu & for all ages – divided into 2 sections, one for families & the other for smokers.

    I thought of SUKKAR which means Sugar or Socialesta but not too sure & not happy with the names.

    Any suggestions ?

    Let me know your thoughts.

    1. Mike & Sam Post author

      Hi Nass,

      Spelt out in capitals, SUKKAR does sound like a unique brand name. Since k’s and q’s sound similar, you could modify it to SUQAR too – that makes it even more similar to ‘sugar’.

      Since you’re more familiar with the Arabic language, perhaps it may be a better idea for you to share a list of names you’re considering, and we can then offer some feedback and suggestions.

      Are you looking to franchise the business to Arabic markets or to the West?

  25. Jeff

    I’m opening a new spot next month. I am currently open for catering only, but will be expanding in the new location to a cafe with some meat and 3 plates and some gourmet burgers, wings and sandwiches. There will be several meat and entree choices each day. Our specialty is southern/soul food. It is located on a road called Grants Mill rd.
    I had liked the name Big Daddy’s Cafe and Caterin, since Big Daddy is my nick name and my partner/chef’s nick name. But, there is a Big Daddy’s BarBQ in a neighboring town.
    I like :
    soul kitchen
    southern soul
    Soul of the south cafe
    Grants Mill Gourmet
    It is also in a strip mall up on a hill if that inspires anyone.
    Thanks in advance for any help.

    1. Mike & Sam Post author

      Hi Jeff,

      Big Daddy’s is a great name. It may be worth checking with an attorney whether it’s okay for you to use it, and whether there’s any confusing similarity between your “Big Daddy’s Cafe and Catering” and “Big Daddy’s BarBQ”.

      As an alternative to ‘Big Daddy’s’, perhaps you may want to consider ‘Big Dees’.

      Both Soul Kitchen and Southern Soul are top names too. There must be plenty of other restaurants with similar names serving Southern Food. But if there aren’t any near you, then it may be a good choice to go with one of these, and just keep it simple.

      In fact, Soul of the South sounds good as well. But just like the others, it’s also a popular name – ie. there’s a Soul of the South BBQ and Catering already.

      From what you shared in your description, here are a few other ideas:

      The Soul Cafe
      Cafe South
      Southern Gourmet

      Good luck with your new place, and do post any other names you come up with if you need feedback.

  26. Melissa Famiglietti

    Hi- we are closing on an existing restaurant next week and changing the concept to upscale gourmet french fries. It is located in Northampton, MA which is home to Smith College and has four other colleges with in a few miles. We will be very eco friendly, sustainable and humane, using local grass-fed beef and pastured pork. We will also be non-gmo all the way down to our fryer oil. We will have hand cut fries fried twice like Belgium frites, but don’t want that in our name since many restaurants do that in our area. This town is really into local natural food and is really artsy and liberal like a mini New York city or San Francisco. We do not want to name it after a street ot town, everyone does that.
    We are doing things like pot roast over fries, sausage gravy and fried egg over fries, BBQ pulled pork over fries, General tso’s chicken over fries, etc. Lots of entrees over fries just remove the existing starch like rice or biscuit and substitute fries. We will have china and silverware. We would like something that says we are a fry place, preferably an upscale fry place. We had chosen the name Over The Top Fries, but there is a franchise called Jake’s Over The Top and our attorney advised us that they have a federal trademark and the could shut us down. So we are disappointed about that loss and starting over. We are looking at :
    Fry Factory, The Wizard Of Fries, All You Need Is Fries. All of these need more of an interior decorating concept than we had planned on. The interior is 100 year old red brick with dark wood chairs and white table cloth covered tables. Perfect for the original concept.
    Don’t like location names like Main Street Fries, Kicked Up Fries, etc.

    We are catering to college students, hipster graduates, eco-freindly moms with their families, lawyers and judges from the nearby court house and offices.
    Thanks for your input…

    1. Mike & Sam Post author

      Hello Melissa,

      You’ve got a very interesting concept, and a really challenging brief to find the ideal name.

      Fries are not normally associated with being gourmet, so one approach would be to go with an upscale sounding brand name that doesn’t include the word, but it seems you’ve decided to definitely build the name around ‘fries’, so the result is unlikely to be particularly lavish or decadent.

      Frites is the natural choice for a more sophisticated name. It’s unfortunate there are other places near you using that word in their name. If you’re open to reconsidering, just ‘Frites’ on its own definitely encompasses everything you’ve described.

      From the 3 options you shared – Fry Factory, The Wizard of Fries, and All You Need is Fries – Fry Factory is the most catchy, but neither word really shouts gourmet or upscale though. The other two are a bit of a mouthful (sorry, couldn’t resist :).

      Just looking through your menu items – it sounds delicious, but not very gourmet. Are you totally sure this is the best way to position your brand? Upscale may be a good fit for lawyers and judges, but are students and hipsters into fine dining with china and silverware? It’s quite amusing just to imagine a well-dressed judge dining at a table next to a few college hipsters. It may be worth tweaking some of the elements in your concept.

      Here are some potential ideas:

      > House of Fries – most people will associate it with House of Cards, but there’s also an upmarket air about this naming style (think House of Windsor)

      > Fry Up – keeping it short, with the word fry/fries in it, and a positive pairing word to produce a 2 syllable name

      > Gourmet Fries – if you really want to be gourmet and still have the word ‘fries’ in the name, then one way is to explicitly balance it out by including ‘gourmet’ in the name too

      > Royal Fries – a possible alternative if you don’t want to be overly descriptive (i.e. Gourmet Fries)

      Best of luck with your new restaurant and feel free to post back for any further feedback or suggestions.

      1. Melissa Famiglietti

        Thanks for the great feedback! First, love the comment about the judge and the college hipsters, and it really does happen. You see professionals right next to blue haired and pierced college kids who are right next to a lesbian couple with a baby stroller. It really is an unusual mix of people who get along. Secondly, we plan to do modern square china plates as opposed to plastic basket with paper liners most people expect. In this town you with have higher end sit-down server restaurants or fast casual counter service places where the customers even bus their own tables. The burgers still cost $12 in those places, utterly ridiculous. We have considered House of Fries, we were afraid it had an Asian feel to it. As far as Frites goes, I meant that all of the restaurants serve hand cut fries ( not at all like we will, we’ve eaten in every single one to make sure) not that they have it in their name. I didn’t want to seem pretentious. We kind of thought Wicked Good Fries or Wicked Awesome Fries might be fun… maybe too cliche for Massachusetts? Thanks so much for your help!!!

        1. Mike & Sam Post author

          Wow, that’s a really interesting place 🙂 A quirkier name would probably be more suitable rather than a potentially pretentious one.

          Sounds like you’ve done plenty of in-depth research and have a solid concept for the market. With regards to the name, it seems you’re not trying to make it sound upscale, but prefer a more fun and down to earth one. The picture’s a lot clearer now.

          Of the two, Wicked Awesome Fries sounds, more awesome. Perhaps the best way to check if it’s too cliche may be to ask a few of people who fit the profile of your potential customers.

  27. Anthony

    Hello, I am looking to open a restaurant with foods from all over the world. I don’t want to go with the old ” BLANK international, i want something that will stand out. please help

    1. Mike & Sam Post author

      Hi Anthony,

      Please share more about your new restaurant and describe your plans in as much as detail as possible to get suitable suggestions.

      What do you mean by ‘something that will stand out’? Can you post some examples of great names you like.

  28. Aishwarya


    I’m starting my first restaurant in Mumbai, India serving fried chicken from around the world. All the dishes will be served as a meal with a side, a dip and a type of bread.
    So souther fried chicken will be served with a gravy, waffles and mashed potato or Broasted chicken will be served with flat bread and hummus. We’re targeting college students and young working professionals living away from home and don’t have the time to cook everyday.

    It’ll be a standalone of 20 covers to start with and we plan on expanding into malls and other food courts in the long run. Some names, we’ve though of are “I’m so fried”, 2 fried legs (as we’ll be serving 2 piece chicken with each meal), Hy-bird! (Hy is internet slang for Hell Yeah!)

    Look forward to you reply! 😀

    1. Mike & Sam Post author

      Hello Aishwarya,

      Great concept. Good luck with your new place. From the names you’ve come up with, Hybird stands out as a brand. The others may appeal to students and a younger market if that’s what you’re going for.

      Here are some ideas:

      Chicken Kitchen
      Golden Birds
      Global Fried Chicken (GFC)
      The Rooster
      Chicken Shack
      Chubby Chicken
      Chicken & Chicken
      The Chicken Hut

      What do you think?

  29. paul

    i am going to open the cafe bar and restaurant .
    the cuisine will be mix of modern asian and europe. means coffee
    breakfast with some sandwiches , pasties and lunch more focus on modern asian cusine.
    i had two ideas of name first according to location its on church st and near east richmond station.
    so i came up with name East Church
    and second is the idea where i learn the cooking from my mom and professionally as well i start up my career , the restaurant name called Mammas boys , where the mom was head chef of two boys , i was apprentice there .
    So i came up with the name Mamma Taught me ..
    please give me any more suggestion.

    1. Mike & Sam Post author

      Hello Paul,

      East Church definitely sounds a lot better than Mamma Taught Me.

      To come up with suitable suggestions, it’s useful to know more about the business and who the name needs to appeal to.

      You mentioned “i am going to open the cafe bar and restaurant” – can you share a bit more. How large is the place. Are you a cafe with a limited menu or a full-service restaurant? Do you have a proper bar serving alcohol that will be a key part of the business? Who’s your target market? What’s the profile of your customer?

      Would be great if you can also share examples of other restaurant/cafe names you like so that we can get a better idea of the naming styles you prefer.

      1. paul

        Sam its a fully serviced restaurant . the cuisine is set eastern asia with modern twist (mix of korean chinese) . yes we got a really big bar .and upstairs is going to be a main dining area . the restaurant is on the main road surrounded by good famous restaurant. its a food strip and next to the station , so people from every age , come down here to try food , but i would say specifically in our side is mostly the age of 20-40 , means couple , office workers are the main customers.
        we decided few more name
        “insa” meaning is welcome
        or East temple .

        1. Mike & Sam Post author

          Hi Paul,

          Will it be branded as a Korean or Chinese restaurant, or a modern Asian fusion that doesn’t particularly focus on any specific cuisine?

          Insa – This is very nice and simple. Meaningful and memorable too. Full marks all around.

          East Temple – Pretty good as well. It can work as Temple East too.

          Looks like you can come up with solid names. Do share more if you think of them and want some feedback.

          1. paul

            Mike & sam you are very helpful.
            its going to be modern asian fusion.
            howz about the Mamame’.

          2. Mike & Sam Post author

            Fun to pronounce and quite catchy.

            Edamame instantly comes to mind, and that’s Asian, so there’s a connection, although you may not be serving Japanese cuisine.

  30. Danny

    Hi, there.
    I’m trying to figure out a name for a high-end steakhouse, in Europe. The menu is going to be based on seafood and steaks, but presented in an elegant manner. We are considering serving fresh lobster, so we might put a lobster tank in the restaurant.
    The restaurant should be a tasteful, elegant one, with classical decor, white tablecloth.The design hasn’t been finished, but I anticipate victorian tiles on the floor, Chesterfield-like sofas, wood finishes.
    We target medium-high / high executives, with focus on men. The restaurant is located in an expensive area, with office buildings, so we will probably have fix-prix lunch menus. It’s also next to a residential quarter and near an popular park, so we expect to have families on Saturdays and Sundays and couples for dinner during weekdays.
    We will have an extended wine menu, focusing on those imported from France and Italy. We will, of course, also sell wine by the glass.

    One of the things that should bring added value to the location is the staff attitude, as they will pay extra attention to each guest and make them feel acknowledged and appreciated.

    From an entertainment point of view, the restaurant will have a jazz and blues musician performing 3-4 nights / week.

    I need a strong name that reflects subtlety, class, hospitality, an overall great experience and that appeals especially to men.

    I did some research and saw the names of the top seafood and steak restaurants in NYC, in the US and in UK and did the same for fine dining restaurant names. Many of them have a story behind them or are connected to someone’s name (e.g.: Jame’s Steakhouse). We won’t do that.
    We should also exclude any word that specifically refers to the profile of the restaurant: “steakhouse”, “grill”, “grille”, “steaks”, “tavern” etc. The name should be in English.

    Any thoughts?

    Thank you,


    1. Mike & Sam Post author

      Hello Danny,

      Apologies for the delayed response. A great description and very clearly defined question. It’d be good if more people followed your lead in spelling out specific naming styles or words they don’t want. Sometimes, that helps as much as mentioning what you do like.

      Here are some ideas to get you going:

      De Luxe

      Do share your opinion/thoughts and we can try to refine the list.

      1. Danny

        Hi, Mike & Sam,

        Thank you for your help and excuse my delay in getting back to you. Swell and Grand sound good, but I wouldn’t go with the other ones as I am looking for something more subtle.

        Not sure exactly where to start from, though…



        1. Mike & Sam Post author

          No problem Danny. Good choice – totally understand where you’re coming from.

          Guess it’s time to dig deep, or maybe develop a shortlist and then get feedback from people who would fit the profile of your targeted customers. If you’ve got the budget, you could try your luck with a professional naming agency or hold a naming contest to try and get more ideas.

          Would be interested in what you end up going with.

  31. Zee

    Hi Mike & Sam,
    Excellent work by you guys. Love your responses and how you spend your time on each and every one.
    Hopefully you can come up with a few suggestions for me as well.
    We are opening a sheesha (hookah) lounge / restaurant.
    • Main concept is for it to have seating arrangement and furniture from different parts of the world, for e.g. Arabic (majlis), Desi, English, Japanese, Bar stools etc.
    • Cuisine would also consist one quick snack at least from almost all parts of the world. We also intend to serve sheesha (hookah).
    • We are location in Silicon Oasis (mainly offices and residential) with close proximity to academic city (students and teachers). So that should serve as our target audience.
    • City is Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.
    Considering the concept, name should suggest that this joint is something universal and should give a feeling of a mix and blend from all over the world.

    Hope the points are enough for suggestion.
    Many thanks,

    1. Mike & Sam Post author

      Hi there Zee,

      Thanks. Without knowing any names you’ve come up with (and like), or the types you want to avoid, here are some ideas to get things going:

      The Hub
      Union One
      World Table
      United Fusion
      Open Oasis

      Do share your thoughts and we can try to fine tune it.

      1. Zee

        These are great.
        Will let you know what we filter down to.
        Thanks guys!

  32. Emely

    Hi! My boyfriend is opening a restaurant in Nyc and is struggling to find a name. It’s a small place with 65 sits inside and 40 outside, big windows facing the street. It’s a cozy fun place where you want to go grab a nice dinner and have nice drinks/wine.
    It’s American cuisine, meaning a little bit of everything.
    Great appetizers like crudos, octopus.
    Main course you can choose btw a delicious burger, stake, fish,
    Everything house made fresh.
    Also, inside the restaurants there will be a long bar, where half of it is the actual drinking bar and the other half is a working station where u can sit , have dinner/drinks and watch chef prepare some stuff…..
    Hopefully I explained myself well enough. I am so happy to find this website , since than thank you.

    1. Mike & Sam Post author


      What are some of the names you guys are considering at the moment? Can you also share examples of restaurant names that you like, as well as ones you don’t.

      What are a few of the main things you want to be known for? What do you want customers to tell their friends about your place?

      What’s the address, street name and area where it will be located?

      Please share as much as you can in order to get good suggestions.

  33. sid

    Hey I want to open a restaurant in india.wich wil be veg as well as nogveg aslo bar will be there. My area is mostly surrounded by family’s. And some big colleges are aslo there but my target audience will be family’s who want to enjoy the dinning.i want some clasic name which simpy represent the class of my restaurant. Will will hve touch of fine dinning concept
    Few names wich come in my mind are
    Little india
    Mellow-the family restaurant
    Or any name wich will show class and concept of fine dining

    1. Mike & Sam Post author

      Little India is a good name and that’s probably why it’s been used as a name for a lot of places, businesses and products already. If you don’t mind having a name that’s not very unique, then go with it. Do check with your lawyer first to see if there could be any trademark issues.

      Not so keen on Mellow.

      Maybe you can get inspiration for your restaurant’s name from the cuisine you’ll be serving. Is it North or Southern Indian? Any flagship dishes or items you want to be known for? Some examples of names you could derive from your menu could be “The Kashmir”, “Tandoori”, etc

      Some other more generic names could be …

      Passage through India
      A Taste of India
      House of Spice
      The Masala

      Or maybe you can go for simplicity and build a name around typical ingredients used in indian cooking …

      Star Anise

  34. Terrie

    Hello! I am going to re-purpose an old (1960’s drive thru style) Der Weinerschnitzel in Texas and would love some help with the new name! It restaurant is currently in operation, and has been painted with a huge red roof with a white walkup counter and drive-thru tunnel
    The restaurant will serve the breakfast usual’s, fried chicken, handmade burgers, and hot dogs. We will also offer a daily special that will be a home cooked dish, like Sunday would be a Bacon Wrapped Beef Tenderloin, and Wednesday is a Pan Seared Pork Tenderloin in a sour cream cognac sauce.
    This facility has limited outdoor picnic-style seating, but I am adding a patio with a fountain and an open seating area for coffee drinkers and social gatherings. And once a month (in the Sept-May) we are going to convert the parking lot into a (free) Drive-in theater where patrons bring their lawn chairs and enjoy the outdoors. We will only serve concession-stand food (nachos, dogs, POPCORN, etc. those nights).
    I have a couple of names I am kicking around… A.T.’s Drive-Thru Café is the first thought, but I think I would like something more unique… like The Left-Handed Spoon or Forkness or… Any help would be appreciated!

    1. Mike & Sam Post author

      Hi Terrie – sounds like a great concept.

      “A.T.’s Drive-Thru Café” is a bit of a mouthful, but “A & T” could be short and unique. Perhaps “A.T.’s” on its own could work too, but with the &, then you can leverage on the naming style that’s been imprinted on people’s mind by A&W, AT&T and lots of others.

      Yes, “The Left-Handed Spoon or Forkness” are a lot more unique, and quirky. At the end of the day, it may be worth reflecting on the brand and image of your restaurant, and the profile of your target audience/customer. IMO, “Lefthanded Spoon” sounds like a fancy and arty kind of place serving fusion, vegetarian or some kind of niched menu rather than regular family focused fare.

      Of course it depends on your taste, but if you’re positioned as a family friendly place where people can get a hearty meal, maybe it’s better to go with something more classic rather than something which may not stand the test of time.

      Here are some thoughts …

      Location – maybe you can build the name around the town or area where the restaurant is located. Since you intend to be a place for social gatherings and even as a drive-in theater, you can’t go wrong by staking your claim as the neighborhood’s place to be, eat or hang out.

      Founders – this goes back to the meaning of A.T.’s. Who or what do they stand for? A great name normally has a meaningful story behind it. And a lot of them are based around the founders names i.e. A&W, Adidas etc. Is this something you want to consider?

      Acronym – or maybe an acronym can be used to sum up the core appeal or the nature of business i.e. BLT or AT&T.

      Architectural Feature or Landmark – names like ‘Archway’, ‘The Patio’, ‘Dome’, ‘Roof Garden’ and so on zoom in on a foundational element of the physical space, or the design theme. This could be an effective naming technique too. Presumably you’re going to change the Red Roof?

      As you can see, there are plenty of naming strategies that can be used to come up with the ideal name for your place. If you’re a bit stuck trying to think of specific names, it may be a good idea to sit back and deal with the naming exercise more methodically by assessing approaches or styles you like, and then thinking about the key elements of your brand that you want to be represented and communicated through the name. Presumably, left-handed forks aren’t a core appeal of your place 🙂

      Do post back with your thoughts and we can try to work on more ideas.

  35. KC

    I’m planning to open a Malaysian fusion restaurant. Casual dining and location is in downtown area with 50+ seats. Street name is robinson. Target to 20-50 aged group. The restaurant is planned to offer an exciting, fresh, vibrant and contemporary atmosphere. I come up some names like Kaya, Cahaya (Kahaya), Com Dot My, Ida Budaya, Cili Padi, Candlenut, Klang Valley…
    Any Thoughts?


    1. Mike & Sam Post author

      Great brief KC – succinct and filled with details. Sounds like you know what you’re doing.

      Kaya is nice and simple, probably the best choice. Cahaya looks good written but it may be confusing to pronounce. The others are probably a bit too ‘deep’.

      Here are some other simple Malaysian centric words/names that you can consider


  36. Danielle

    I am buying an Italian pizzeria. They specialize in pizza, but also have sandwiches spaghetti, etc. The current owner is very Italian, and I am very not. I want to add “american” things to the menu, such as bbq chicken pizza and things like that. Right not, the restaurant is named after the owner, but of course I’m going to change it – just not sure to what. I’m free-spirited, slightly indie, and would like a name that reflects that. It’s a weird combination so I’d appreciate some help!

    1. Mike & Sam Post author

      Pizza Fusion
      Dani’s Pizzeria
      Saucy Shrooms
      Pizza Republic
      Bella Pizza
      Viva Pizza

      Please can you share some naming styles you like as well as cool names you’ve come across or come up with yourself so that we can develop more suitable ideas.

  37. chrissy

    Im opening a food truck in Phoenix and need help with a name. Something non related to the food type or style. We plan to change the menu seasonally. Something creative and memorable. The name must be short enough for a twitter account. Thanks in advance.

    1. Mike & Sam Post author

      The Tuck Truck
      Nosh Nosh
      Gourmet to Go

      We can offer more ideas if you share a bit more about the kind of names you like and any that you’ve come up with already.

  38. Kristi

    I have an unusual idea for a couple of restaurants. There is a large place in our city that would make a great bakery/deli during the day and a steakhouse at night.
    I’m mainly focusing on the steakhouse name. We will sell seafood as well.
    What do you think about
    Land and Sand Steakhouse and Grill
    or if we sold venison, pulled pork or elk burgers
    The Tree Stand Grill
    Clever Porks’ (our last name is Cunningham)

    Our target customer base would be casual diners and college students.
    Just playing around with some ideas.
    Thanks for your help 😉

    1. Mike & Sam Post author


      ‘Land and Sand’ is a good option. It looks even better when you use the ampersand i.e. ‘Land & Sand’.

      ‘The Tree Stand Grill’ is okay but may not be so suitable for your daytime bakery and deli though.

      ‘Clever Porks’ – doesn’t work so well.

      Since you’re going to have 2 concepts at different times of the day, maybe you should go with something that doesn’t limit the brand to either product. Why don’t you just name it “Cunningham’s”?

      Anyway, you’re on the right track. Do think of more ideas and post them if you’d like feedback.

  39. VG

    Hi Mike & Sam!

    Thanks in advance for your help, I can see from previous post you have great name ideas 🙂

    My husband and I are Chefs and we are opening up a little Bakery & Bistro in Grosse Pointe, MI and we have everything figured out, but the name (we are still deciding on the space, but that it’s just a matter of negotiation with potential landlords).

    Our menu includes:
    – Roasted meats
    – Bistro Specialties, mostly European and Latin-American dishes
    – Specialty breads
    – Salads
    – Pastries

    We will also be offering preserves and sauces in jars.

    We will include Latin-American dishes and some European dishes as well. My family is from Spain, and we are both from Venezuela, so… it’s natural for us.

    The service will be mostly for carry-out but we want to have a couple tables.

    Grosse Pointe is in the Metro Detroit area, so we thought it would be nice to dig into Detroit’s history for the name. We came up with Cité D’étroit Bakery & Bistro. It references the french name for the city, in the narrowing (étroit) of Lake Erie. I’m not sure if it is easy enough to say it.

    My husband insists on ending the name with “Bakery & Bistro”, it is our concept, but I’m not so sure about including it in the name.

    We also have our last name: Garrido’s.

    Any thoughts…

    1. Mike & Sam Post author

      Hi VG,

      ‘Cité D’étroit Bakery & Bistro’ – since you’ll be (primarily) serving Latin-American dishes, a french sounding name may not be a good fit. Even though you’ve got European dishes too, i presume they won’t be predominantly French (if at all). Yes, it’s also a real challenge to remember and pronounce.

      ending the name with “Bakery & Bistro” … this shouldn’t be a problem. It’s unlikely that your customers or even both of you will be saying this every time you refer to your restaurant. If it’s attached to the name you choose to make up the official name, that should be fine.

      Garrido’s. Wow, that’s what it should be. Not all restauranteurs have a memorable and nice sounding brand name as their (sur)name. Since you do, and you’re a husband and wife team, it’s absolutely perfect. It’s also nice and short, which makes the full name a lot more natural … “Garrido’s Bakery & Bistro”. It’s just way classier and much much better than “Cité D’étroit Bakery & Bistro”

      If you came up with other ideas and want some feedback, do post them.

  40. Shilpa

    Dear Mike,

    Thanks in advance for your help.we are struggling to find a good name for a Restaurant in Middle east.The restaurant will offer best of Indian and Chinese and light meals.It will also serve variety of teas and coffee.we are targeting casual diners.

    1. Mike & Sam Post author

      Shilpa – please can you share more info, such as examples of restaurant names you like, and names you’ve come up with for your place already.

      Do you want the name to have anything to do with the fact it’s based in the Middle East, or should it be Indian or Chinese inspired? To create a good name, it’s important to know as much as possible about the business you’re trying to set up and the underlying brand.

      1. Shilpa

        Hi Mike & Sam,

        Thanks for your note. The names that we have thought of are Dee’s Cafe, Flamez, Purple Flame and Flamin Grill.

        Its primarily going to be an Indian restaurant and at a later stage we will also be including some Chinese dishes to our menu. Our main focus will be delivering food to offices and residences.

        We are also targeting corporates of different nationalities where they could come to relax after a day’s work to have a tea/coffee/snack/meal or maybe even a take away.

  41. Hendry

    Hi Mike and Sam

    We are opening Chinese restaurant serving asian cuisine on level 2 but at the same time at ground floor we will open cafe and coffee shop. Kinda confuse to come up with a name that is good for both of the restaurant together. By the way, location is in Indonesia.

    1. Mike & Sam Post author

      Hello Hendry – please read through the other responses we’ve provided here and you can see that we need a lot more information in order to offer suitable name suggestions or to give you good feedback. Look forward to hearing more about your new venture.

  42. Ian

    Dear Mike & Sam,

    We are in the process of opening a small restaurant/cafe in Dubai. I would appreciate if you could assist me with suggesting some appropriate name for the above.

    we will be serving north indian food and far east cuisine.


    1. Mike & Sam Post author

      Hi Ian – as mentioned in many of the other replies, we need more details about your restaurant’s brand, menu, target market, unique selling points and anything else that’s relevant. In addition, please can you share a list of existing restaurant names you like, as well as any ideas you’ve come up with yourself which you may or may not like.

      Here are some ‘eastern’ and asian inspired names:

      Exotic East
      Eastern Eats
      Taste of the East
      Simply Asian
      Authentic Asia
      Asian Fusion
      Eastern Blends
      Eastern Express
      Asian Delights
      Exotic Eatery
      Eastern Fare

  43. Shilpa

    Thank you Mike and Sam,

    This is Shilpa,Ian is my husband…Both of are you doing a wonderful job…

    God Bless

  44. fareedah

    dear mike,

    We am opening a restaurant and bar in Nigeria that will prepare a fusion of Nigerian food and around the world dishes ranging from Asian, Italian to Mexican. we hope to attract the upper class clientele and need a name that will be classy, and have a memorable ring to it. we have come up with many names like spice platter, olive grill, stone stove, food gallery, olive garden, stone pot, olive, all the names were inspired by healthy options we want to be included in the menu and the various spices we will be using for different dishes from around the world. i was almost sold on spice platter but its not a hundred percent.,can i have new and fresh suggestions on what kind of name to choose?

    1. Mike & Sam Post author

      Hi Fareedah,

      Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. You’ve come up with very nice names. Great brief too.

      Here are some spice themed ideas …

      Spice Room
      House of Spice
      Cafe Spice
      Spice & Grill
      Spice Versa
      Seven Spice
      Spice Block

      Here are a few single worded names that are classier …


      Do share any other keywords you have in mind and we can try to generate more ideas.

  45. Deepti

    Dear Mike and Sam,

    I am opening up a small catering and restaurant business in Middle East serving multi cuisine food. Kindly suggest some names. The customers i will be targeting are mainly from Asia and some middle eastern. This restaurant might be in a shopping mall or in a busy area.


    1. Mike & Sam Post author


      Please can you share more information (like many of the other people in this discussion) in order to get suitable suggestions and feedback.


  46. Dale

    Hi Mike & Sam
    I’m starting a food truck in New Zealand serving vegetarian wraps and toasted pitas and salads, it will be a bit gourmet. I’m looking for a name that projects fresh, healthy, organic food. We have come up with a few names such as:

    Fresh Bites
    Smooth Salad bar
    Bohemian Wrapsody
    Veggie Shack
    Wrap ‘n’ go
    Earth Foods
    Soul Food
    The Green Van
    Gourmet nosh

    Though I’m not sure what to call it but I’m looking for a natural , healthy feel to it.


    1. Mike & Sam Post author

      Wow Dale,

      Great names. Here are some comments to bounce some thoughts on your current options:

      Fresh Bites – Meaningful but probably a bit overused already and hence not quite as exciting. Should still be on the shortlist though
      Smooth Salad bar – Pass on this one, a little too descriptive
      Bohemian Wrapsody – A perfect fit. Punning names are a little forced at times but this one is ideal
      Veggie Shack – Short, sweet and does it’s job. A good middle of the road option to consider if that’s what you’re after
      Wrap ‘n’ go – Nice and simple. Depends on what you’d like to push for your brand image the veggie part or the takeaway wraps. If the latter, this is a solid option
      Earth Foods – Too broad IMO and way too overused already
      Soul Food – Can’t compare with some of the others you have
      The Green Van – Definitely a candidate for the shortlist
      Gourmet nosh – Depending on what you mean by ‘a bit gourmet’, you may want to reflect on whether this is an essential part of your brand. Perhaps it may be better to combine it with the healthy part of your offering (i.e. The Green Gourmet) rather than a generic ‘nosh’ which might give the wrong impression of your menu.

      Do share any others you come up with if you’d like some feedback.

  47. sally

    Hello Mike & Sam,
    Im opening a Asian Italian noodle pasta Fastfood place – we are looking for short names – below are the names we like but taken ! haha

    -Noodle Box
    -Noodles & Doodles

    what you think of Pronto Noodles? Pasta Chow ?

    1. Mike & Sam Post author

      Hi Sally,

      Yes, those are classically ‘delicious’ noodle names 🙂

      You’ll probably find that a lot of the more obvious sounding ones may be in use already or have been in some way in the past by a similar business. When you say ‘taken already’ – what do you mean? If you really like one of them, it may be worth checking with an attorney or trademark advisor whether you are allowed to use it in the state/country where your business will be operating.

      Both Pronto Noodles and Pasta Chow are catchy. You’ve obviously got the knack for coming up with cool names. For choice, i prefer Pronto.

      Do share any other ideas if you need more feedback.

  48. sheen marie

    hi im planning to open a restaurant in some hotel here in doha qatar serves as arabic food,saaj,exeptional sweets and shisha can you please give more idea and suggestion whats the best name of the restaurant,,,,,thanks ,,,hope to hear from you asap,,,,,,,,,,

    1. Mike & Sam Post author

      Sure, would be happy to share cool suggestions and ideas for your new Arabic restaurant. Can you please provide more info such as names you like, names you’re considering, what’s special about your place, what you’d like to be known for etc.

  49. Sameer

    hello amigos, well am opening a restaurant (kind of student café) at a medical college in china. we’ll offer some Italian, Indian, Arabic , fast food, Chinese food & snacks…… I thought names like Home, Wifi, Home delights, HotSpot, HotPot (so as to invite Chinese students also), forgot to add am in china. Try to help me out. May you get all kind of foods dat u want. cheers..

    1. Mike & Sam Post author

      Hello Sameer,

      Although there are plenty of other restaurants with the name already, since you’re serving a variety of dishes from different cuisines, Hot Pot is a good option if the name hasn’t been used by another business in the town you’re in. Another option may be ‘The Melting Pot’.

      You mentioned “HotPot (so as to invite Chinese students also),” … be careful with this. If you don’t offer the traditional Chinese hot pot dish, you may end up confusing your Chinese customers.

  50. Kevin


    Looking for some help on names for my restaurant… doing typical items appetizer, burgers, steaks, chicken, pasta dishes,also catering. the place is twain harte golf course, and im running the restaurant side…. would love to come up with a nsme that has Twain Harte in it somewhere

    1. Mike & Sam Post author

      Kevin – do share any particular naming styles you like or want to say clear of. If you intend to include Twain Harte in it, your options may be a bit more limited.

      Ultimately, it depends on how you intend to position your restaurant. Is it a casual place to get a drink and a bite, or is it catering for a more upmarket clientele in a prestigious golf club?

      Here are some conventional possibilities:

      Twain Harte Kitchen
      Twain Harte Grill
      Twain Harte Steak & Grill
      Twain Harte Steakhouse

      These are not particularly exciting but they get the job done. If you’re after something a bit more unique, please share more information about what you’ve got in mind.

  51. Marci

    hi – we are taking over an existing restaurant / lounge in a hotel/ conference centre. This restaurant has gone through many changes in the last 3-5 years. Currently it is running 2 menus – 1 Asian fusion and 1 is more trendy upscale north American. Neither are popular or going over well – although some individual items are incredibly popular. The restaurant is in the middle of the hotel with no street presence, but this may change if we convince owner of hotel to do some renos. I am of the belief that first and foremost be true to what you are – and what we are is a restaurant in a hotel, on a street with 11 other hotels (many with no restaurant attached – which I see as huge potential). I feel that we should not pigeon ourselves into too narrow of a concept. Many guests stay at these hotels for multiple nights – therefore are wanting different tastes / flavors from night to night. I am thinking we should go with a more global menu concept – some north American, some Asian, some latin, some English, some Italian etc. So then the question becomes what do we name the restaurant? some names I have thought of are Fusion, Global Fusion, Global Kitchen The Chefs Table, Oasis, Traditions.

    Another point to consider is that our executive chef is something of a local “foodie celebrity” he is making quite a name for himself in the community which I think we could capitalize on. His name is Romeo – so I was thinking even of naming it “Romeo’s” or “Romeo’s Kitchen”. I hesitate to give it a personal name as he could leave at any point – but then I realized many restaurants/ businesses have a name attached when the original namesake is long gone. Would really appreciate your opinion!

    1. Mike & Sam Post author

      Hi Marci,

      Sounds like you’ve got it thought out pretty wet and everything you’ve shared makes perfect sense, all the way to going with your exec chef’s name and possibly even not worrying about the impact if he ends up leaving.

      Instead of offering name suggestions – as you seem to be able to come up with them already – it may be more useful if you get some feedback on your current options.

      Fusion – A tried and tested name that’s used for countless brands. It’s been overused big time already, but if you really like it, you can’t really go wrong. To be more unique, you could vary the spelling to Fuzion or tweak it in some way.

      Global Fusion – It’s probably better to stay clear of the word ‘global’, but if the key appeal of your menu is to offer a wide range of cuisines from different countries, then this is an intuitive name.

      Global Kitchen – Same as above. It’s an unpretentious down to earth name that just gets to the point. If your restaurant is positioned in a similar way, it could be a good fit.

      The Chef’s Table – Once again, it depends on your brand and it’s core appeal. What’s your focus on? The chef, cuisines of the world, or something else? More often than not, once you figure out what you want people to like and share about your place, the name will fall in place naturally.

      Oasis – A little bit more trendy and fresh. Could be a good choice if you want to keep your options open and not overly zoom into any specific element.

      Traditions – Not so keen on this one.

      Romeo’s – Although you could use his name even if he leaves, it would be better if he’s still around, especially in the first few years when you’re trying to establish the place. If you’re not sure, then use your name.

  52. varun

    hi im planing to open a , open air garden restaurant which is located on the outskirts of the city, i am also planing to offer some indian fast food , chinese fast food and snacks also . As it is open garden restaurant…so i am facing the problem in its name . The names which i am looking for should be preferably 2 word`s , also other word`s would be welcome .i am trying to name the restaurant attracting the youth as well as for family`s also……….waiting for ur much needed advice.

    1. Mike & Sam Post author


      Please try to share more about your place. What do you want to be known for? What’s special about your restaurant? Where is it and do you want the location to be incorporated into the name?

      If you read through some of the other questions and replies on this page, you can get a better idea of how you can get better suggestions.

      For now, here are some ideas:

      The Eden
      Green Kitchen
      Garden Cafe
      Tree View
      Sky Garden
      Open Breeze
      The Patio
      Summer Kitchen
      Clear Sky Cafe
      Al Fresca

  53. Shoyab


    I am currently opening up a fast good outlet in Malawi, Africa.

    Serving Burgers, chips, fried chicken, samosas, drinks, ice cream, sandwiches

    A bit of a mixture of foods

    I’ve been thinking of names like
    Food hut
    Spicy Grill
    Lunch box

    Please help

    Thanking you

    1. Mike & Sam Post author


      Try to figure out what’s really special about your place and create a name to highlight it. The names you shared are quite generic and are not very unique.

      Running a restaurant is very difficult. You need to know what you’re good at, why your customers should come back and how you will impress them.

      Everyone thinks their food is Tasty and Yummy. That’s not a good differentiating element.

      Spicy Grill could be perfect if that’s your specialty i.e. spicy grilled delicacies

      Lunch Box – are you only serving lunch. No dinner?

      Try to think about your menu, your customers and what you want your customers to tell their friends about your place. Work out all these things in detail and you’ll be in a better position to come up with a great name.

  54. Gaby

    Hello Mike & Sam,

    I’m so happy I found this site!

    Im a Visual Communication student and I’m working on a big project right now.

    The concept for the project is to develop the brand identity for a mobile restaurant (might be a high end food truck or a re-fitted shipping container) that would introduce different world cultures through food, art and their customs to the American audience. This mobile restaurant would feature three countries per year, one every 4 months. The food would be small bites of their signature dishes and street food.

    The idea is to generate curiosity and understanding of other countries and give the American audience a place to learn about different cultures of the world. Showcasing countries that are hardly seen in the US. (NOT Mexican, Italian, French, etc.) A place that would bring Americans closer to other cultures and encourage them to explore more the world outside the US.

    I’m trying to come up with a global name that I can also attach – from “country name”-

    I’ve been doing a brainstorm session for the name and word association exercises but I can’t seem to come up with something that ties to the concept. So far I’m just writing words like:

    travel kitchen
    open kitchen
    world bites
    world aromas
    traveling aromas

    The idea as I see it is like the world is taking a road trip in america to share their culture, food and art with the American audience. I want the name to be catchy, a bit exotic but friendly at the same time.

    The countries I’m going to showcase in the project are from 3 different continents:

    Bangladesh – ASIA
    Ethiopia – AFRICA
    Peru – AMERICAS

    I would really appreciate any feedback!

    Thanks so much,


    1. Mike & Sam Post author

      Hey Gaby,

      Sorry for the delayed reply. Interesting project.

      If the prerequisite for your brand is being able to append ‘from country name’ to it, then here are some possibilities:

      Delights (e.g. Delights from Peru)

      From the options you came up with, I may have understood your brief though, as ‘Travel Kitchen from Peru’ doesn’t seem to flow nicely, although ‘Travel Kitchen’ on its own makes sense.

  55. Easter

    Hey there,
    I’m having trouble coming up with a creative and simple title for my future restaurant for a Caribbean& American cafe and bar because the food will be a little mix of everything. It will possibly locate in Miami. So far I have some ideas, but none of them really stand out; thank you.

    Island Love
    Eastee’s Kitchen

    1. Mike & Sam Post author

      Caribbean Plate
      Coast to Coast
      The Caribs
      Cari Cafe
      The Pepperpot
      The Flying Fish
      Kokonut Kitchen

      1. Easter

        Oh I like these all ! 🙂 Thank you for helping out; but what you honestly think of “Island Sade” ?

        1. Mike & Sam Post author

          It’s ok. Not instantly catchy or intuitively meaningful though.

          It depends on what’s your story behind the name. Ultimately, you want the name to be memorable and meaningful so that your targeted customers ‘get it’.

          1. Easter

            True saying. I just want it to be different and the people need to get it.

            Well Sade is my middle name. I just want the people to feel the island atmosphere with great caribbean// american foods and drinks. So I’m trying to come up with the title that is fitting or meaningful.

  56. Minali

    Hi, i am looking to open a restaurant that serves fried chicken. I haven’t been able to come up with a good name. Do let me know if you guys have some suggestions

    1. Mike & Sam Post author

      Please share more details. What sort of fried chicken? What’s special about your place? Take out, dine in, or both?

      What are the names you came up with and why don’t you like them? What are some names of existing restaurants you like?

  57. Shaun Spendiff

    Hi I am opening a healthy canteen like cafe/deli, in a place called tynemouth, it is a seaside village that is rather high end!
    I am 2 weeks away from completing the the refurbishment and am stuck for a name that’s not going to sound to tacky,
    I’ve had a few ideas so far that I have had mixed reactions on!
    Jacks, ( sons name)
    Would love your feed back and ideas! 🙂
    I’ve read all the previous comments and there so helpful!

    1. Mike & Sam Post author

      Hi Shaun,

      Some feedback on your current options:

      Spendeli’s – sounds quite nice, but ‘spend’ has a bit of a negative tone though
      Jacks, ( sons name) – best of the lot
      Plush – not so suitable for a cafe/deli perhaps

      Here are some other ideas:

      Three Crowns
      The Oswin
      Jack’s Cafe & Deli
      Coastal Cafe
      High Tyne
      Jubilee Jacks

  58. Penny

    Hi there,
    Me (female) and 2 partners (male) will be opening a seafood restaurant that serves seafood platters, pasta, wine and seafood related food. The concept will be very much a clean and cosy atmosphere for everyone who dines in to lay back enjoy the seafood.
    We have a air conditioned section and also an alfresco area.
    I have came up with a few names but I’m still quite skeptical about my choices as I really want a name to be creative and easy for anyone to refer too.
    The location of the restaurant is in the city and we do not have any sea view from here.

    1) Kai’s
    2) Kai’s Plato
    3) Plato
    4) Red Plato
    5) Red

    *kai meaning sea in welsh
    *plato is platters in welsh since we are serving seafood platters
    *the reason we are using it in welsh it just because the pronunciation sounds nice
    *red is because shellfish when cooked is red

    Please advise, appreciate it very much!
    Thank you
    Su Yi

    1. Mike & Sam Post author

      Hi Penny / Su Yi,

      These are definitely unique names. If your audience doesn’t speak Welsh, it may not automatically be meaningful, but once it’s been explained to them, it’ll definitely make its mark.

      Perhaps you can combine them with an appropriate tagline so that your brand sells itself.

      Unless your restaurant is in Wales, it would be good if there are some elements in your place or menu that are linked to your Welsh inspired name.

      Good luck with your venture.

  59. Mike

    I am opening a casual upscale restaurant and of course cant think of a name. Its a small place all fresh food and mainly stuffed burgers , grilled oysters with a mango salsa to fish and steaks. I had a sandwich shop and called it ” ‘sMike’s Place”. Do you think if I called it “Café ‘sMike’s” or ” ‘sMike’s Bistro” that would stand me out from all the other bland named places, or should I call it something like “Reflections” and have some mirrors on the walls to highlight the name Thank you Mikr

    1. Mike & Sam Post author

      Hey Mike,

      Café Mike or Mike’s Bistro definitely sounds casual. And Reflections does sound more upscale.

      Since you mentioned your place will be “a casual upscale restaurant”, both options could work. What you need to do is figure out whether you’re more upscale or more casual to define your brand more accurately.

      Mike & Marcella’s’ is a lot more unique and not as bland as just ‘Mike’s Place’ though.

      1. Mike

        Thank you for your feed back I was wondering about “sMike’s it comes from when I went to Arizona everyone would ask what is your name I would say it’sMike all one word they would in return say smike what kind of name is that I would reply no it’s Mike in Pittsburgh we run all our words together so my kids thought it would be fun to call it ‘sMike’s

        1. Mike & Sam Post author

          Yeah that sounds catchy, and it gives you a good ice breaking story to share too.

          Quirky names that are meaningful generally make a good impact on people.

  60. Nancy G


    My partner and I already own a small plate-craft beer-wine place called 13|EVEN. We’ve just signed a lease for new restaurant and are having a really hard time with the name.

    13|EVEN is casual, grab-a-bite type of place whereas the new place is more ‘let’s go out to dinner’. We also have a patio (YAY!) The food is chef driven ~ starters being in the $7-12 range, mains being in the $18-24 range.

    We are not stuffy people by any stretch of the imagination. We believe in serving great food in a completely unpretentious way. We pride ourselves in making everyone feel welcome and providing killer service without being overbearing.

    We are in a predominantly gay and lesbian neighborhood, so we want to make sure that we serve the neighborhood BUT also create an awesome atmosphere and food offering to make us a destination.

    We are also in South Florida ~ meaning getting ‘dressed’ for dinner could mean shorts/flips.

    We’ve tried combinations of our names ~ Carol and Nancy ~ to no avail.

    Any help would be immensely appreciated!

    1. Mike & Sam Post author

      Hey Nancy,

      Sounds like a great plan. Can you share some naming styles you like, even if you can’t think of exact names for your new place. Better still, list as many names of other existing restaurants that you like.

      What’s the inspiration behind the 13|EVEN name? Are you looking for a similar or prefer to go in a different direction?

      Would be good if you can share any specific unique selling points about your brand. It could be elements about the menu, decor, surrounding area, kitchen or anything you can think of.

      1. Nancy

        We’ve decided to stick with our 13 theme ~ we met on a Friday the 13th, bought our house on a Friday the 13th, etc…been a very lucky number for us. Fortunately, we have a good reputation with our first venture and feel like our loyal neighborhood people will feel confident that the new place is going to be run like our current place.

        We are calling it just Thirteen.

        Thanks much for the feedback and help!

        Have a fabu day!

  61. Amanda

    I just bought a restaurant in an average size christian college town. I really need to change the name because the restaurant has a bad reputation. I going to have daily home cooked food specials, a build your own lunch with a variety of lunch foods from tacos to salads and flat breads and burgers, a dinner menu with steaks chicken and seafood, and a kid friendly menu also.
    The restaurant id located on Beebe Capps expressway in the 1300 block. I will be a family restaurant. The current name is Doc’s Grill names for the three doctors that did own it. We do not want grill or steakhouse in the name.
    I want a simple;e catchy name that is easy to remember.

    1. Mike & Sam Post author

      Hi Amanda,

      Congrats on your new investment.

      Like most restauranteurs, you want a simple name that’s catchy. The key to coming up with the ideal name is to make it relevant to your business/brand and your target market.

      Above all though, you need to have a rough idea of the kind of name you want first. There are numerous naming techniques that can be used to come up with a great name. At the end of the day, as the owner, it’s your decision whether you’d like it to be quirky, funny, unpretentious, creative, or simply no-frills.

      Start by compiling and sharing a list of restaurant names you like. They can be of existing places and not necessarily options for yours. It’s the naming style you need to focus on.

      Next, you want to think about the meaning behind the name. What’s the ‘story’ when your customers ask you about the inspiration for your restaurant’s name? Some names need no explanation – like “Amanda’s” or “Simple Chef” – but if you go for something that’s creatively clever, it should have a firm foundation.

      Ultimately, you want the name to be memorable. This may mean keeping it really simple, or making it meaningfully relevant to your brand or audience.

      Anyway, have a think through, share more details and we can help you to come up with some suggestions.

      Also, since you say it’s got a bad reputation, you may want to think about whether a simple name change is enough, or whether you should establish your place as a completely new restaurant.

  62. AFS

    Hello, I’m opening a Burrito restaurant, where we will also serve breakfast, crepes, coffee and more we are located downtown very close to 2 high schools, a huge court house, a lot of offices, so our customers will will be the mojority high school kids and lawyers, I was thinking about naming my place “Rhapt” which it plays with the words wrapped and rapt. So guys I need your opinion on this, and other suggestions are very welcome. Thank You.

    1. Mike & Sam Post author

      Maybe you can consider Wrapt as well.

      But sometimes, it’s a good idea to keep things as simple as possible, and Wrapp or Rapp may be easier to remember.

      1. AFS

        We are considering name the place “MeanBean” what do u think? We we mainly be a burrito place but also serve breakfast, coffee, maybe milkshake and smoothies since we are in a location with heavy young group demographic

        1. Mike & Sam Post author

          Nice. If you can find a better option, it may be worth considering it since ‘mean’ has a negative side. That said, most people should read it as you serving an awesome tasting bean.

  63. Steve

    I’m really stuck here. I recently took over this restaurant next to a golf course in a rural area. Horse farms, spacious areas, mostly blue collar.nice place inside but has a bit of an identity crisis. Sort of a sports Bar, long bar with 10 tvs. Also lots of booths and tables for families as well. I know I want to let the restaurant stand alone and not have any connotation with the golf course. It’s right along a busy road so a good sign will attract lots of passer bys. So far we have toyed with
    Rolling ridge
    The meeting house

    Nothing seems to be clicking.

    I like the word grill in the title but I keep thinking short and catchy as well. I seem to be bouncing all around. Any thoughts to get me going?

    1. Mike & Sam Post author

      Hey Steve,

      Have you confirmed a new brand identity for your restaurant? If so, please can you share more about what you have in mind, as that will be the best place to get inspiration for the name.

      Apart from the menu, internal decor and any key features, what’s the main thing you want to be known for? When motorists on the busy road see your sign, what do you want them to think or feel? When customers tell their friends about your place, what do you want them to say?

      Are you a ‘meeting house’? Are you ‘The Grill House’? Do you want to be known as “Steve’s Grill House”?

  64. Ranashkim

    Hi everyone,
    I am opening a catering company, targeting big events of class A.
    I want it classy and same time easy to remember.
    It will be located in Middle East.
    i thought of:

    1- Regal
    4- Gourmet

    Tel me what do you think?

    1. Mike & Sam Post author


      Chuck isn’t very classy. Vintage is okay but overused for wine shops and various other brands. Gourmet is the next best, but slightly overplayed too. Delish is an option if you’d like your brand to appeal to a younger audience … but if you’re after something truly classy, this could be a little cheesy.

  65. Natalia Robba

    Hi guys, would be great to get some ideas for a restaurant my family is opening.
    It’s an american ranchy decor steakhouse and seafood restaurant, right on the marina waters edge. We’d like the subtitle to be Steakhouse & Seafood Grille but can’t for the life of my think of a suitable main brand name! Any ideas greatly appreciated.

    1. Mike & Sam Post author


      Can you share any naming styles you like or want to avoid?

  66. voula dimou

    i am planning to open an Italian restaurant with fresh pasta and pizza. i would like to find a name of four or five letters. thank in advance if you can provide some help.
    Best regards,
    Voula Dimou

    1. Mike & Sam Post author

      Since both your names have 5 letters, they could be a great choice, especially since you’ve got very nice and unique names:

      Voula / Voula’s
      Dimou / Dimou’s

      For other names, can you share some more information on what you like, don’t like or want in the name?

  67. Ming

    Hi Mike and Sam,

    My name is Ming. I came across your web page while researching restaurant names. My partner and I are looking to open a vegetarian restaurant. We want to target casual dining, with an open kitchen, clean and earthy concept. We want to focus on organic and locally grown produce. It will be an Asian fusion based vegetarian cuisine. The atmosphere will be casual, chatty and relaxing. The price range for entrees would be around 10 to 15 dollar. We want the name to symbolize life, spring, healthy, and earthy.

    I’ve been playing around with a few words: Heirloom, Sprouts and Eatery. Please advise.


    ******* REPLY FROM SAM *******

    Hey Ming,

    I think Sprout (without the S) is perfect for what you’re looking for. It’s fresh, organic and very Asian as well as brandable in many other ways.

    The other two just can’t compare.

    Sounds like you’ve got a great concept. Good luck with the venture.

  68. Chad

    Hi I’m currently opening a restaurant in a very trendy and arty part of the city. The food is modern molecular and we have a chilled vibe with local art on showcase. Also lots of local music. There are 2 universities very close to us. We want a quirky name that’s modern and slightly tongue in cheek of reflective of the food. We’ve come up with a few ideas:
    The licked spoon
    The atomic larder
    The gallery
    Chefs table
    Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance

    ******** REPLY FROM SAM **********

    Hello Chad,

    Here are some thoughts of the list you’re considering:

    The licked spoon – It’s ok. Some people may like it, but it doesn’t quite do it for me. “Lickety” just jumped to mind.
    Enigma – Hmmm, you want to be mysterious but hopefully they’ll understand your gastronomy.
    The atomic larder – Ask a few of your potential target market about this one, that’ll give you ideas
    The gallery – Nah
    Chefs table – Oh please, no.
    Amuse – Next
    Wtfood – A good contender based on the concept and target clientele you described
    Centrifusion – Quite good but maybe a bit too clever

  69. Sisy

    Hey Mike & Sam
    I’m looking for a name for my catering food truck. My menu will be Cuban food and I will have many dishes with pork in it. Here are some names I thought of and was wondering your opinion.
    “Pig on the Run” Cuban food.
    “Grab N Go” Cuban food.
    “Taste of Cuba”
    “Cuba’s Flavor”
    “La Cubana” Caribbean flavor.
    “Café Cuba”
    “A Cuban’s Kitchen”
    Your thoughts please?
    Thank you!

    1. Mike & Sam Post author

      Hey Sisy,

      Pig on the Run – This is quirky but it may be a bit of a mouthful
      Grab N Go – It’s overly generic and doesn’t do justice to what you’ve got to offer
      Taste of Cuba – Can’t go wrong with this. It’s down to earth and doesn’t try to be too creative/pretentious
      Cuba’s Flavor – Hmm, not so keen on this.
      La Cubana – This is another contender. Sounds nice. Makes you want to find out more.
      Café Cuba – Short, alliterative and meaningful. The only thing is that you’re a food truck and not a cafe. But it sounds tops.
      A Cuban’s Kitchen – This is awkward, but some people may like it.

      Do post any other names you think of if you’d like some feedback.

      Good luck with your new venture.

  70. Alina

    Hello, Mike & Sam,

    Need some help in finding a new name for a Mediterranean restaurant that I ‘ll open in a couple of months in Greenwich London.
    It’ the sister restaurant of “the Bone” allready opened last summer in Santorini Island Greece.
    The concept and decoration is going to be the same as the original one,, focussing more to Mediterrannean kitchen than the steaks. The name will be following by the “eatery & side bar”
    I want to change the name “the Bone” since I do not think that is suitable for the British Market.
    Any help appreciated, to find a smart catchy name, that gives the point of the Mediterranean Cusine
    Thank you in advance.

    1. Mike & Sam Post author

      Hi Alina,

      Can you share any names you like or are considering? It’ll be good to get a better idea of how literal or quirky you want the name to be.

      Here’s a mixed bag that came to mind …

      Vine Leaf
      Pita Platter
      Pink Olive
      The Caper

  71. Alina

    Thank you Mike & Sam,

    The names I realy like are

    The Caper
    Vine leaf
    The Green Tomato
    Pink Olive

    But I would like to have some more options apart of names of Recipe’s Ingrediens.
    My point is to deliver the message of Mediterranean Cusine.
    Thanks once more.

  72. Mike & Sam Post author

    You’re welcome Alina.

    What do you feel is the message of Mediterranean Cuisine?

  73. Kathy

    Hi Mike,

    I am building a food truck and I am having a tough time with finding the best name.
    We will be in a small city and surrounding towns along the northeast coast area.

    The menu will include different types of grill cheese and sandwiches. I will have simple breakfast, muffins, egg wraps, egg sandwiches. I will be purchasing as much local foods as possible from farms (fruits, veg, cheese), meats and bakeries.

    The concept is local and fresh.

    Some names that I like are-

    Harvest Grille
    Uprooted grill

    Thank you,

    **** REPLY ****

    Hey Kathy,

    When choosing a name, it’s useful to think of what people will end up calling you. More often than not, they tend to truncate and abbreviate it to whatever is easiest to say and remember.

    ‘Harvest’ is a name that’s been used for a lot of eateries, but you can’t go wrong with it.
    ‘Uprooted’ is much quirkier and makes you want to know more. I like it. It’s just a pity that the 3 syllables makes it a bit more of a mouthful. ‘Roots’ may be a lot simpler.

    Overall, it depends on what you want your customers to remember about your food truck. When choosing a name, you should try to figure out what’s unique about your brand. What do you want your customers to tell their friends about you?

    Once you’re clear about that, it’s a lot easier to come up with a name.

    Sure, everyone says they’re local & fresh. That’s a good secondary message, but not the primary brand image IMO.

    Hope this gives you some food for thought.

    Good luck with the venture!


  74. Lynn

    Hi Mike and Sam,

    My husband and I are talking about opening a bar and grill style restaurant with about 50 seats inside and an outside patio with about 40 seats. We are working on having a very welcoming neighborhood type place where we will serve burger, fresh cut fries, sandwiches, salads and plated dinners, etc. all freshly made. There will also be a bar with cocktails and craft beer. Currently we are not making our own beer, but that is in the furture plan. Its not my husbands name, but all in his family call him “Mike”. We have talked about using “Mikes Bar & Grill” but that seems so boring. We could stay in this theme, with a bit of variation. I make a really great mango chutney and we were thinking about incorporating that into some of the menu items, we don’t want to go crazy with it, but it could add to several dishes.

    What do you think of the following:

    Mike’s Chutney Bar & Grill
    Chutney’s Bar & Grill

    Any help or suggestions would be great.

    Thank you

    1. Mike & Sam Post author

      Hi Lynn,

      Sounds like a solid concept. And i know what you mean by ‘Mikes Bar & Grill’ being a bit boring 🙂

      Chutney’s is perfect. That’s what people will call you. For the full name you can use either.

      As an alternative fun name, ‘Mango Mikes’ jumped to mind. But Chutney’s is so much more elegant.

      Good luck with the restaurant, and do let us know what you end up going with.

  75. Rosanna

    Dear Mike & Sam,

    I’m italian and I’m going to open an italian restaurant in Jamaica which will be in a B & B whose name is Search-Me-Heart. Food will be simple, pasta, pizza and whatever will be available as it is hard to find the right ingredients. I like simple names like, let’s say “pomodoro” (tomato), “peperoncino” (red pepper), Rosso (Red).
    What would you suggest?
    You always have such brilliant ideas!

    1. Mike & Sam Post author

      Hey Rosanna,

      Yeah, just keep it simple. I love one (or two) worded names, and since you’re opening an Italian in a foreign country, Italian words such as the ones you’re thinking about will naturally make a unique brand name to the locals you’re targeting.

      Of the 3 you shared, i guess it depends on the profile of the customers you’re trying to appeal to … IMO ‘Peperoncino’ may be too tricky to pronounce. ‘Pomodoro’ is nice & classic, but if you’re in a B&B, ‘Rosso’ may be the best option as it’s short, sweet, memorable and easy to say.

      ‘Rosanna’s’ would be awesome too 🙂

      Good luck with your new place.

  76. Rajiv

    Hi there, I am already running a restaurant & takeaway of Indian, Mughlai & Chinese food in Delhi since the last 4 years. The name of the restaurant is R1 take away & R1 Lounge. I have lots of students around my outlet but since we are a fine dine restaurant we are unable to attract the students. We have a corner space where we are planning to open a Road Side Joint for selling Pizzas, Pastas, Burgers & a few Bar-Be-Que Items along with Cold Beverages & Pastries at cheap prices. Pls help me out to choose a Catchy name which can really become a Brand sometime. Thanks, Rajiv

    ***** REPLY *****

    Hi Rajiv,

    Congrats on surviving for 4 years already, you must know what you’re doing. A lot of restaurants can’t even last 2-3 years.

    Since you’ve already established the R1 brand with 2 sub-brands (Take Away and Lounge) to refine the offerings, maybe you should just stick to a similar strategy.

    Just pick a word that describes your new ‘outlet’ appropriately and also make it appealing to your target market. Perhaps something like R1 Bistro or R1 Cafe?


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