List of 17 Italian Restaurant Names that are Named in Italian

Is it better for an Italian restaurant to have an Italian name? This is probably what you’re trying to figure out as you ponder about what to call your new place.

Of course it all depends on what kind of restaurant you intend to open and what type of customers you’ll be targeting.┬áThere are places with Italian names that fail, and others with very un-Italian names that succeed, so there’s no golden rule on whether your choice of name will help you do well.

As you can see from this list of cool Italian restaurant names, there’s a mix between English and Italian words that can be used to create really effective brands.

If you’re thinking of going authentically Italian, here are 17 Italian restaurants that are named in Italian to give you ideas on what’s possible:

  1. Cannonau
  2. Lunetta
  3. Osteria Il Paiolo
  4. Incognito Bistro
  5. La Lanterna di Vittorio
  6. Zero Otto Nove
  7. Otto Enoteca Pizzeria
  8. Nuovo Fiore
  9. Al Di La Trattoria
  10. In Vino
  11. Pane E Vino
  12. Il Posto Accanto
  13. Il Bagatto
  14. Rucola
  15. Cacio E Vino
  16. Catania
  17. Bruschetteria

Obviously, it’ll be easier to name your place if you speak or understand Italian. But if you don’t, you can still get a friend to offer suggestions (as long as they understand Italian), seek opinions online, or get inspired by an existing name.

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