The Best Ways to Create a Cool Restaurant Name

On top of being meaningful and relevant to the story for your restaurant, you can also come up with a memorable name in a number of other ways.

Names that are cleverly witty, amusingly funny, awesomely cute or simply creative in a unique way, will also catch the attention of people, and be easier to remember than a common or unimaginative name.

Clever Restaurant Names

A clever name is normally created by using witty wordplay that focuses on unique elements of the food, founders or some aspect of the brand, to come up with a name that’s cool and catchy.

You shouldn’t try too hard to be smart, as a lot of potential customers may not understand the meaning if it’s too complicated.

Ideally, the clever name should be cool. There’s no point having an intelligently constructed name that doesn’t’ connect with your customers. Remember, something that’s clever to one person, may not make much sense to another.

So, for choice, it’s better to have a name that sounds great and is moderately clever, versus one that’s extremely witty but hard to pronounce, difficult to remember and confusing to most people.

Funny Restaurant Names

Amusing names that make people laugh are always popular, and they are normally very effective in getting people to spread the word about your place.

One thing’s for sure, it will get people to stop, look, think and basically catch the attention of potential customers and anyone who comes across it.

However, this is assuming that you are able to come up with a truly funny name that’s relevant and not too cheesy or corny. The hard part about this naming strategy is the balance between creating something that’s really funny and relevant at the same time.

All too often, restaurants with funny names have a hard time getting patrons to appreciate the other qualities of their establishment, as their brand has been built around a quirky name that ends up being what they’re known for.

Cute Restaurant Names

Some names are appealing because they are cute and adorable, and hence memorable to people (especially girls and women) who are attracted to cutesy things.

They are normally created in a clever and creative way, but the focus and result is to produce a name that’s oozing with cuteness.

In other words, you need to be creative to come up with a really cute name, but it’s the cuteness that you’re after, instead of a name that’s creative for the sake of it. In short, there are names that are creative, but they’re not cute. But, on the whole, cute names need a fair bit of underlying creativity.

Creative Restaurant Names

Evidently, you need to be creative to create a good name for your restaurant, regardless of what technique you choose and what result you want.

However, there are some creative names that are not necessarily clever, funny or cute, but they’re just awesomely cool and simply brilliant.

If you don’t particularly want a smart, amusing or daintily pretty name, then just think of one that’s just creative in some special way that’s relevant to your restaurant.

Cool Restaurant Names

Ultimately, you just want people to think that your restaurant’s name is cool. It can be cool in lots of ways as long as it’s loved and appreciated.

Don’t get caught up in any one naming method if it’s not suitable, or try to include too many concepts and expect too much from a name. The best names usually just focus on one or two elements, and tend to keep things as simple as possible.

If you’re not sure about how to come up with a cool name, just ask around and get feedback from people who are similar to the profile of the customers you want dining in your place.

Not sure if a name that you’ve thought of is cool? Just ask these same people what they think of it, and listen to the reasons they share on why they do or do not like it.

There’s no secret formula or way to create a really cool name for your restaurant. You need to do your research, use your intuition, know your business, ask for advice and get feedback or ideas from the right people.

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